By Paul Ihechi Alagba
For Family Writers.

The Indigenous People Of Biafra,IPOB, has lashed out on the governor of Anambra state, Willie Obiano over his recent comments in which he addressed IPOB leadership and members as “a toothless bulldog which is capable of words but incapable of action and being used by a few to enrich themselves under the guise of fighting for Igbo freedom.“ and "populated by youths who are at best misguided".
Willie Obiano who made these statements during a pro-Buhari rally organised by his state government, has been at the receiving end of enraged IPOB members, even as millions of Biafrans took to their various social media handles to shred the Anambra state governor. Reacting to this, IPOB in a recent Press statement released on March 11, 2017, noted that it is not in any way shocked by the utterances of governor Willie Obiano whom it described as "a congenital alcoholic" personality, disclosing that Obiano's outburst is as a result of his rage after failed desperate bids to infiltrate the ranks of IPOB leadership with bribes worth millions of naira on different occasions, in order to evade being tried at the International Criminal Court in the Hague.
"The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is not surprised at the statements coming from a congenital alcoholic who goes by the name Willie Obiano (born August 8, 1955)," the Press statement of IPOB which was signed by its spokespersons, Dr. Chukwuemeka Iroanya and Barr. Emma Nmezu and made available to Family Writers reads.
"We can categorically, and with proof, inform the world that alcoholic-Obiano approached IPOB with hundreds of millions of Naira as a bribe after committing mass-murder of Biafrans at Onitsha, Awka, and Nkpor but we rebuffed him and told him to perish with his blood money because we are not like some fake organizations purporting to restore Biafra but are actually business concerns, profiting on the blood of innocent Biafrans who they have deceived and led to their untimely deaths. Alcoholic-Obiano further offered to pay for medical bills of the injured courtesy of his murderous killer-squads and again we refused,"
"We, therefore, ask alcoholic-Obiano, how come we are in the business of enriching ourselves but at the same time refusing to collect your blood money to further enrich ourselves? It is common knowledge that IPOB funds itself through monthly dues contributed by members and though the money comes in paltry amounts we beat our chest to proclaim that we don’t touch blood money from evil men like alcoholic-Obiano. Even with that paltry amount, when aggregated, we can feed alcoholic-Obiano and his entire family for the rest of their lives." IPOB revealed.
Going further, IPOB while describing Willie Obiano as one of the political puppets in Nigeria who are being used by the British government to embezzle the resources in Biafraland, also mocked Obiano's remark on the body as a 'toothless bulldog'; revealing that without the efforts of IPOB in rebuffing the 'Northern and Islamic dominated APC party' during the 2013 Anambra state gubernatorial election, Obiano could well have outrightly lost out to his APC counterpart, Dr Chris Nwabueze Ngige. IPOB stressed that the successful sit-at-home protest recorded across Biafraland on September 23, 2016 as ordered by IPOB leadership shows the incontrovertible level support and loyalty that is being accrued to it across Biafraland.
IPOB however, placed the world on alert over the plots of Willie Obiano and his cohorts to carry out more genocide against Biafrans in Anambra state, even as it vowed that Obiano will not succeed in his bid to be re-elected as Anambra state governor come November this year. "...We are fully aware that the British government uses the Hausa-Fulani and the likes of alcoholic-Obiano as fronts to steal the resources in Biafraland to maintain their economy and their much-cherished NHS,
"For the records, IPOB though apolitical, was instrumental to this alcoholic-Obiano being the governor of Anambra state because we repudiated the Northern and Islamic-dominated APC party represented by Dr. Chris Nwabueze Ngige and we still do repudiate them till today.
"Secondly, we brought the entire Biafraland to a standstill on the 23rd of September 2016 with our successful sit-at-home protest. The test of IPOB‘s popularity and efficacy is never in doubt."
"On the threats of further genocide on Biafrans by alcoholic-Obiano, we want the world to take notice so that he shall be held accountable for his atrocious crimes against humanity.
"We promise alcoholic-Obiano that even though we abhor and repudiate Nigerian politics, we shall do to him what we did to Dr. Chris Nwabueze Ngige in 2013 Anambra gubernatorial election. The alcoholic-Obiano called IPOB toothless bulldog but after the November 2017 election, he will know if IPOB is a toothless bulldog or not.
"We assure alcoholic-Obiano that he shall surely fail in his re-election bid, just as he failed in his ill-conceived pro-Buhari rally which showcased only 18 hungry-looking Hausa-Fulani youth corps members serving in Anambra state backed by their Janjaweed police in a show of shame at Awka.
"We shall bring the alcoholic-Obiano to the understanding that some vehicles are rear-wheel driven and they are more powerful than front-wheel driven vehicles. At the end of it all, we project that Mr. Willie Obiano will have a rethink on his congenital affinity for alcohol and will refrain from making statements after undergoing a devastating binge of alcohol," IPOB stated.



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