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By Ogu Edozie Williams on Thursday, March 09, 2017

It's reported today 8th March, 2017, that Hausas and the Yorubas in the Nigerian state are in a big fight in Ile-Ife, Osun state a part of Yoruba ethnic region.

In the report, a Yoruba bus driver accidentally hit an Hausa woman with the side mirror of his bus, the previous night, and as the way of life of Hausa people, they raised their matchets and bruised the bus driver.

And this morning, in retaliation, the Yorubas went after the Hausas living around Sabo market in Ile-Ife, and no fewer than five persons reportedly lost their lives.

And as at the time of filing this report, gunshots were still being heard while some shops had been set ablaze and residents at both Sabo and Lagere, Ile-Ife, were seen taking to their heels to escape the clash and possible injuries and death.

Such clashes between ethnic groups are common in the Nigerian state; sometimes hundreds of lives get lost. The ethnic groups, at the slightest provocation, seize the opportunity to showcase the venom and hatred running in their blood against their supposed countrymen who are from other tribes.

It is a pity that Nigerians, after seeing such negative impacts of one-Nigerianism and the gruesome killings that erupt from the Lugardian project called Nigeria, still go untamed ranting one-Nigeria.

Seeing the unfolding events of such disaster, it becomes distinct that Britain, through Fredrick Lugard, joined cats and dogs together in an unholy enforced marriage since 1st  January, 1914. And Britain will not claim ignorance of such mischiefs they have caused the different tribes they joined against their individual will in Nigeria.

Neither should they claim to be unaware that the condition in which Nigeria is today is a consequence of their inhumane vested interest in the territories of the indigenous people around the Niger area; a condition where nobody, no matter the good intentions he/she has, can address the problems of Nigeria, instead the problems escalate. A state where the poor are defrauded and political marauders live in affluence.

A state where people have plenty but live in penury and hunger; have much in their supposed country but go abroad to struggle for survival, get attacked in the process, imprisoned or executed at the end. A state where a particular ethnic group is subjugated irrespective of the natural endowment and ingenuity they represent. A state where a group of indigenous people are marginalized, killed, raped, hated and punished.

A Country where the maximum ruler refuses to obey constituted authorities in his country; where the president is the one disobeying courts orders in not just one occasion but several.

A state where the military, which is saddled with the responsibility of protecting taxpayers, becomes the one, militating against them, abusing their rights, killing them and denying it.

It is disappointing that the British people claim to be civilised; non-abusers of human rights, yet their government has kept mute while the Nigerian government unleashes mayhem on the Indigenous People of Biafra and when they are asked why, they claim to protect the territorial integrity of the Lugard-formed country, Nigeria.

One is left to conclude that there is more in the perversed mind of the British government than meets the eye of the common Nigerian, since territorial integrity of the Nigerian state as at independence is more important to the British government than the lives of people in the territory; which  territorial integrity had obviously been tampered  with as Bakassi Peninsula is no more Nigeria's and Britain kept quiet.

I want to say that the rate of these clashes is going to increase cumulatively if the needful is not done and this needful is allowing indigenous people to be on their own and compete with another comity of nations as seen in the world today. But allowing a disastrous project like Nigeria to foster means supporting the spilling of blood of indigenous people in Nigeria.

Therefore, let a referendum be allowed in the Nigerian state for indigenous people to decide their fate in the country just as was conducted for the Scottish people in Britain and recently by ex-Prime Minister, David Cameron, on Britain's membership in EU which eventually led to Brexit.

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