Pro-Biafra supporters protesting

March 03, 2017

By C.K Fidelis

The people of Biafra have for many years been subjected to series of inhuman treatment by every known neighbour. Here in Nigeria Islamic North, the Fulanis are the worst haters of Biafra while in the outside world, the British remain the worst haters of Biafra and the question we ask is this, why is it that the Fulanis keep killing innocent Biafrans and why is it that the British keep supporting the killing of innocent Biafrans, why is it that the world leaders have all decided to keep quiet over the numerous genocides committed against Biafrans.

What are the sins of the Biafrans?

The first reason is that God blessed the Biafrans with the gift of knowledge Wisdom, hard work and in fact all ingenuity needed to be great. The West knows that the Biafrans have all the qualities of being greater than they are.

The second sin of the Biafrans is that the Igbos through Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe initiated the idea of Nigeria independence from the British. This did not go down well with the British.

The next sin of the Biafrans is that God blessed our land and gave us evergreen reservoirs of natural resources.

These and many more have only attracted envy and hatred from the enemies of Biafra, but that to us is not a surprise because it is written in the Bible that we shall be the envy of all. But who God blesses who can curse.

That is the reason the Biafrans after losing over six million men and women and children during the civil war were never wiped out.

That is the reason the Biafrans after receiving just N20.00 naira from the bank regardless of the millions of Naira Biafrans had in deposits, Biafrans still dominate the markets today.

That is the reason after millions of Biafran children died of Harold Wilson Syndrome or kwashiorkor, you still have over 70 million Biafrans living today. That is the reason after Awolowo had given free education for all the Yorubas,  you still have the Biafrans being the most educated and the best in scientific and technological advancement. making world-class contributions in the global developments.

The whole world know that in several occasions innocent Biafrans have been murdered by Fulanis between 1966 and 2016 and despite the fact that none has been tried in a law court for such barbaric evils, the Biafrans have always remained peaceful and law abiding. In so many places where similar injustices exist there have been violent agitation for freedom but in spite of all provocations the Biafrans and IPOB in particular, have shown reasonable maturity and ability to operate very sound democracy in Africa.

Therefore if the West is sincere in the pursuit of global peace, then it becomes imperative that the world leaders should listen to the call for Biafra independence and lend every support to it. As long as Africa is concerned, Biafra remains a force to recon with. After all the civil war was never meant to last for a month, but surprisingly it lasted for about 30 months even when forces from Britain, Russia, Egypt and America were all against Biafra.

The West should step in and prevent the crisis that is looming in Nigeria; it is time to practice exactly what they preach because, after all the killings by both the Buhari's military and police and the Fulani herdsmen, the Biafrans still insist that they want freedom, they want Biafra. The import of this is that every Biafran is Resolute on the issue of Biafra and is ready to give his life for the freedom of the Biafrans.

Therefore, it is time for the West to shave away all hypocrisy and prevent this dangerous war that is looming. Now is the right time to act. There can never be a better time than now because if these 70 million people come out to the streets armed it means Somalia, Sudan and Syria would be child's play.

Edited by Mazi Collins
Published by IPOB writers
Twitter: @ipob_writers


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