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BIAFRA: "It is time to stand up and be counted" - Prof. Charles Soludo

Former CBN Governor Prof. Charles Soludo

This is the what I have been advocating. We need more industrialist like innocent chukwuma who think global but act local.

We need more business men to site their business in the East. We need our politicians, LGA chairmen, councillors, governors, representatives, senators to truly work for the people and solve problems in Alaigbo.

We need educators to train the next generations with passion. We need billionaires to evolve from buying and selling to local manufacturing with factories in the east.

The focus of our national politics should be a fight for more devolved powers so that we can make our own decisions on education, welfare, care etc

Those who want to run for President can continue to do so in their individual capacity but it should not be the collective focus of Igbos to produce a President of Igbo extraction. No ethnic group in Nigeria has the numbers to single handedly elect a President.

ahic reality and the fact that having a President of you tribe does not guarantee anything makes me think our race should be a race to the future and not a race to Aso rock. Leave the tribal race to Aso rock for all the others.

The Nigerian constitution is quite fair if followed religiously and people can take the federal government to court if the right of Igbos are trampled on. Lagos State has done similar in recent times with a lot of success. Let us win the race rather towards globalisation, ICT, industrialisation and education.

Ahead of 2019, I am calling IPOB to take their emotions to local politics. Let’s elect the best of the best amongst us to positions of Governor, Senator, etc. and see how our lives can change without the Presidency!!!!

There is a lot of progress my people, we have not exhausted all the opportunities available. Complaining about Biafra or marginalisation is too easy. It’s time to stand up and be counted!

And by the way let no one fool you about supporting them in 2019 in return for Igbo Presidency in 2023. It is not up to anyone or group to decide. History has shown this.



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