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Pro-Biafrans Protesting in the EU
Biafra: Igbos Standing With Buhari Are Standing Against God

By Ogu Edozie Williams

One thing that baffles me is the degree of degeneration and deterioration of the brains of some Igbos who still hold on to the mental acceptance of Igbo Presidency as the solution to the problems the Igbos face in Nigeria even when there are contrary empirical evidence to prove such to be a daydream. It is indisputable that such people are still living in the world of make-believe.

It is a pity that some Igbos still allow their temporary political benefits and selfish interests to cloud their judgement, reasoning, analysis of the trends and events in Nigeria; how the Igbos are constantly sidelined, sabotaged, boycotted: economically, politically and otherwise.

From the time of independence of the Nigerian state, the Igbos  were handed over to Hausa-Fulani by the British government making the Hausa-Fulani people see themselves as superior stakeholders in the Nigerian establishment which made the Sardauna of Sokoto, Sir Ahmadu Bello to make a declaration of landlords of the Nigerian state, eleven days after Nigeria got her political independence from British government, as was carried by the Parrot newspaper on October 12, 1960:

"The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather Othman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the minorities in the north as willing tools and the South as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us and never allow them to have control over their future."

By that statement, Ahmadu Bello declared all, to the exclusion of him and His people, as slaves in the Nigerian state. And being slaves, they cannot have control over their future, human resources and natural resources. No wonder they are trying everything possible to quench the agitation for a Biafran state. No wonder human resources from Biafran land remain underdeveloped and underutilised.

No wonder anyone from Biafraland who demonstrates ingenuity, talents or technological prowess is quenched. Industries and major establishments owned by Biafrans closed. Oil wells in Biafraland majorly owned by Hausa-Fulani. Economic marginalization and boycotts boldly sanctioned on Biafra.

Biafrans treated like minor stakeholders in the geographical expression called Nigeria. No International airports or seaports in Biafraland, but Biafrans have to land in Lagos first before proceeding to their own land making commercial activities to thrive in Lagos.

And someone thinks that Igbo Presidency will solve the problems! It is a joke because Goodluck Ebele Jonathan could not help with any of those things as he was frustrated by the same Hausa-Fulani with their foot soldiers called Boko Haram.

Igbos believing in one-Nigeria under the impression that the presidency seat shall one day get to them is a joke of the century as well as wishful thinking. But assuming the Yoruba people support the Igbo presidency,  the powers that be will stop it and if the Igbo presidency eventually succeeds, frustration will remain inevitable.

I want those people from  Anambra state and Nsukka who went out on 11th of March, 2017 taunting "we stand with Buhari" to know that they are wasting their time and hope on Buhari or Igbo president as they are deceiving themselves on such make-believe that an Igbo man shall emerge the  President of Nigeria come 2023.

I advise them to channel their prayers, money, time, strength, resources and wisdom to Biafra restoration; that is where their fulfilment will come from. Let them know that Biafra is the answer to their longing for change.

Biafra is freedom, food for the poor, respect for the abused, development to the abandoned, platform for the advancement of talents and technology.

Let them know that  Nigeria is a failed state. It has damaged beyond repairs, and the only remedy is allowing it to collapse.

Let everyone know this that Biafra is God's project and anyone rebellious of God's project shall be disgraced like Sanballat and Tobiah in the Holy Scriptures. Men who fought against the rebuilding of God's temple.

Let those making noise that they stand with Buhari, probably because they have been given the crumbs that fell off Buhari's table, know that they should not continue to trade the destinies of Biafrans at the altar of porridge yam, because hunger continues afterwards.

Let them learn from experience that all this politically sponsored rally looking for favour from Aso Rock in Abuja will profit them nothing. Instead, it plunges them more into slavery.

Let the youth know that they can't eat their cakes and still have them. Let them learn that the attitude of selling out their future with a pot of porridge yam has never helped neither them nor Nigerians at large. A trend where citizens vote (after collecting money for their lunch) tyrants, power mongers or incompetent politicians who they know will worsen the state of the country; such attitude has left Nigerians regretting

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  1. Let them read the scripture and see the punishement that visited on brother of isreal that betrat isreal and allied with external aggressors. We the Biafra youths will not expect the elders and rogue politicians to decide our faith, the youths are the nation and 30 million Biafra youths is overwhelming matching force capable of unimaginal destruction and course desolation which has meted on our people and also defender of our ancestral dignity that was messed up with lost of battle of 1967-70 and stolen from us by polical contractors and merchants of misery (hausa-fulani puppets) we have in Igbo-Biafra land today as our elders and politicians without followers. We can't afford to dissapoint our kiths and kins who has laiddown their precious lives that we may have freedom and we can't afford to tell our future generation stories of cowardness and stupidity. One and only objective of every Biafra youths in this confusion and hopelessness and terror call nigeria must be the restoration of Biafra. I am not a pacifist like my mentor Nnamdi Kanu and I can assure every Biafra youth that there is no hope in hopelessness. Biafra or death is better, one thing is certain as man walketh on the earth, as long as the sun , moon and stars is on the sky Biafra must be restored. God bless Biafra. peaceforall


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