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I am tired of Nigeria, I need Biafra - Kid tells Mom
Kids holds the Biafran flag in a protest held in Igwocha (Port Harcourt)

By Oluchi Godfrey

It is not as exasperating when one is born in the wilderness where there are dryness and emptiness and is suffering as when one is born in the midst of plenty yet suffering hunger epidemic.

Nigeria is such a state that has plenty but majority of citizens die of hunger and abject poverty, to the extent most citizens in the country if they could have their way won't have a second thought leaving the shores of the country because everything is out of place.

Recently, one of my daughters came back from school and asked me to help her with an assignment given to them in their class, which says, 'write a composition about Nigeria'. I could not help exclaiming "wonders shall never end". My daughter was confused and wondered why the burst of laughter.

I asked her "Have they taught you the history of Nigeria?" And she said "No!"

I wondered how a teacher would ask his or her pupils to write a composition about Nigeria. Of course the answer is not far-fetched because Nigeria is a composition of lies, deceits,  and conglomerate of brutes hence history of Nigeria is hidden from the younger populace as History has been expunged from her curriculum.

The history of a country is better taught and not a composition about it written because in history, real facts and true events are essential, but in a composition, you can fabricate anything.

Meanwhile, I told my daughter that there was nothing good to be written about Nigeria. In An ominous cloud of shame all over her distorted personality and pride, she resorted to calmness throughout the day.

Yes, there is nothing good to be written about Nigeria because she is the resulting product of British greed and economic interests and as a result was forged on a wrong intent and foundation.

Right from the day-one of her independence, Nigeria has cumulatively been under economic predicament and uncertainty. She has ceaselessly experienced mismanagement of funds as her reoccurring leaders have been beasts in human forms who have proven to be experts in abusing human/citizens rights as well as violating the rule of law.

Every sector or institution in Nigeria is badly deteriorated.

Be it the Executive arm of government; it is known for giving orders to illegally arrest, detain without trial, execute people extra-judicially, disobey courts orders, embezzle, loot and steal public funds, forge certificates, shield corrupt political friends while harassing enemies;

The legislative arm is equally known for false declaration of assets, fighting in the plenary, padding of budgets, receiving salaries in millions but proposing bills to reduce minimum wage of the poor masses to N15000;

The judiciary is known for delaying cases, absenteeism in courts following flimsy excuses, being controlled by the executive following bribes, giving wrong interpretations, rulings and judgements through monetary influences;

The military, on the other hand, is known for collecting compulsory bribes from motorists, shooting unarmed protesters, intimidating citizens, using the rifles to rob in the night;

Generally, public office holders are known for embezzling funds, giving and taking bribes, sharing with political godfathers funds meant for projects that would enhance the standard of living of the poor masses; employing mediocrity instead of competence;

The educational sector, badly funded, bribes becoming a norm, impersonations and cheating proudly adopted; the government workers, underpaid, owed salaries. We can go on and on.

The truth is that the state is no more an abode for any reasonable human. It is only animals with human skin that are proud to be there.

Going to religious and social tolerance, the regrettable sets in: the Islamic Jihadists are waxing strong in terrorism giving rise to news headlines like: "BOKO HARAM BOMBS HERE, THERE, NOW"; "BOKO HARAM ATTACKS CHIBOK TAKES 200 GIRLS HOSTAGE "; SUICIDE BOMBER KILLS 50"; 100 PEOPLE FEARED DEAD AFTER HERDSMEN ATTACKED A VILLAGE". No good news is ever heard in the state.

Coming to the health sector, if a country that got her independence since 1960 can not boast of standard hospitals where citizens can receive treatments, then that state is not worthy to continue as a state; it should be closed down.

Imagine a country where government officials are flown abroad for the most unserious health cases. Should that state continue to exist after 57years of independence?  The answer is NO. Because of the healthcare facilities available, the president even violates his own law that stands against any public official receiving treatments abroad.

In Nigeria, even the government hospitals often go on strike because of non-payment of salaries and poor citizens would be dying in their homes just as the patients in the hospitals would quickly join their ancestors. But public office holders who should have built standard healthcare facilities would fly their children abroad to be cared for. It is very unbearable!

Nothing, to be candid, is working in Nigeria and that is the reason why even the children in the state want to run out of the country if they have their way because there is no good basic education. Teachers always go on strike and even when they resume do not teach positing that they would not "teach with an empty stomach".

What about schools awarding certificates to illiterate who do not merit it but denying others who merit it? This has dropped education in Nigeria to a deplorable state.

That is the more reason why public officials and wealthy people send their children abroad to school; no good schools. It is a pity!

The only schools one can have little confidence in Nigeria are private schools, but their bills are very exorbitant.

What about roads? Roads are prominently death traps. Roads are only constructed on the pages of newspapers, radios and tv stations.

Projects are left uncompleted, and completed ones are abandoned by successive governments.

Most national assets are either privatised or sold outrightly because government institutions can not manage them properly.

Its democracy is best described as government of the fittest by the fittest for the fittest.

What about electricity? Most towns and villages have light at the intervals of three months and the light when it comes hardly lasts up to 6hours, yet exorbitant bills are demanded by operators.

This reminds me of the other day, my little boy of 6 asked me: "Mummy, is it true that in oversea countries, there is constant supply of electricity?" I answered in the affirmative. He subsequently said, "Mummy, take me overseas so that I can watch evening episodes on Telemundo, I don't want to be in this country where there is constant power failure." Imagine a boy of 6 nursing the desire to run to another country!

Sincerely speaking, I am tired and exhausted being in this forest called Nigeria, I want to go and rest in my fatherland, Biafra.

Therefore, I urge the international community and respecters of human rights to rise up to the challenge, cut off this ill string and let loose Biafrans.

Edited by Ogu Edozie Williams
For IPOB writers



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