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France, A Post-Colonial Master Virus, Living off its host

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By C. K. Fidelis

The recent statement made by Denys Gauer, the French ambassador to Nigeria though quite unreasonable is not in any way a surprise to me because everyone who is conversant with history and international politics will understand that the French Government has the same inhuman ideological principles and foreign policy on issues relating to Africa.

The same way the British consider Africa as their food ban so does the French Government, and that is the genesis of the Hausa-Fulani's assertion that the South East "Biafra land" is their conquered territory.

The French ambassador has stated that Biafra has no future because he believes that France will not hesitate to support Nigeria as he assured the zoological republic of their military assistance in ensuring that the quest for restoration of the Sovereign state of Biafra is not achieved.

This diplomat should have taken a little break to look at the role of France during the Biafra Civil war that would help him establish the probability that his statement would make the agitation for Biafra freedom to die down or not. He has only achieved just one thing by that statement that is making Biafrans know that France is an enemy of Biafra. This is now noted, and we shall await the verdict of history.

The reason I am not bothered with this illusive statement of Denys Gauer is this, the French has the same evil plan with the British, but my regret is that the Africans have refused to have their eyes opened to understand the secret evil plots of these agents of African destruction. France Colonised Cameroon, Gabon, Togo, Ivory Coast, Chad, Mali, Senegal and others just to mention but a few.

Now look at Cameroon and examine it’s developments since independence you will quickly notice that France did exactly what the British did to Nigeria by giving Cameroon a fake independence and installing a puppet an imperialist dictator called Paul Biya, who has ruled Cameroon for a period going to 40 years now but it does not matter to France whether Paul Biya is killing, maiming and imprisoning the people of Southern Cameroon or not but what is important is that Cameroon remains her economic slave, and that is how it is for other African countries colonized by the Europeans, none can boast of anything such that everything they are using is made in France, they make their colonies remain at the receiving end.

France is known to be one of the world’s largest producers and exporter of Uranium but it will interest you to know that this uranium is never mined in France; it is mined in the region that is owned by the Tuaregs. The Tuaregs for some years now have been fighting to be free from Mali, to establish their AZAWAD REPUBLIC but the French Government have refused to let this happen because of their selfish interest in the uranium and all other resources they are stealing from the AZAWAD people.

Every year thousands of people die as a result of pollution and intoxication caused by the mining of uranium; there are no clean water, no food, no hospital and other basic amenities.
The few hospitals available are those owned by the mining companies and are forbidden from releasing any laboratory results that shows a patient is suffering from exposures to toxics.

Uranium mining is still going on and people are still dying in their thousands every year but it does not matter anyway to France all that is important is that they are getting their harvest from people they consider not worthy of good living, God will certainly judge these wicked and heartless nations that have nothing to boast of except weapons of mass destructions they developed using the resources they stole from Africa.

It is because of this reason that they do not want to see Africa develop, it is because of this reason that they sow seeds of discord among African Nations, so there will be no room for Africans to find peace amongst themselves and therefore continue to remain poor and remain at the receiving end.

I want to state it very clear; sometimes I blame our African leaders who have refused to be wise to see the realities on the ground that these foreign nations called Western countries do not want to leave Africa alone. They are surviving with African resources, and they know it that Africa can be the best if they realise their potentials.

Africans play them second fiddle on things that are theirs, they leaders prefer to give away our resources in exchange for military protection so that they can remain and even die in power, what a shame.

These thieves do not want to see wise and intelligent men like Mouma Gaddafi, so anyone they see that he can ask questions and challenge them, they will use the hungry citizens of that country to fight and remove him from power,  if they cannot kill him. That is how they got Libya destroyed.

It is not a surprise at all to hear that man speak in that tone because that is exactly what France meant since he is representing France, never to allow Biafra to rise, the rising sun, the light that will illuminate the whole Africa.

France knows that Nnamdi Kanu is wise and cannot allow them to rip us off, that is the reason they do not want to hear Biafra, that is why they want to suppress the truth forever to enable them continue using the clueless and unintelligent individuals from the North to be leading this country where you have a lot of intellects but unfortunately that era is gone and indeed forgotten, no power can keep Biafra under Nigeria again because God is now in charge, the immortals are involved because the land of Biafra is fully saturated with the blood of innocent men, women and children who were murdered in cold blood, these souls are crying for vengeance and God is watching.

If you can be honest for a second you will see that nobody has ever fought Biafra and go unpunished, gradually and slowly all will go, just watch, as soon as God is through with this batch now in the foreign hospitals, another batch will be flown abroad and just like that turn by turn until it gets to the turn of Denys Gauer and his cohorts and Biafra will eventually come.

I am sure no one can afford to be an enemy of Biafra because it will mean paying a huge price so at this point I will borrow the words of Kwame Nkrumah and I quote “When the conscienceless power meets the powerless conscience, the former will laugh first, and the later will laugh last, he who laughs last, laughs the best”.

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By IPOB Writers
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