March 02, 2017

Author: C. K. Fidelis
Editor: Mazi Collins

The British government in the year 1914 dragged the peace loving people of Biafra into a forced marriage with a people of different identities, religions and traditions namely the AREWAs and the ODUDUWAs. As a matter of fact this fraud was done by the British government with the whole motive of obtaining some Administrative convenience in the governance of the contraption called Nigeria. 

This inhuman treatment was considered okay by the British as long as it served their national interest which was purely to plunder the land of their colonies, cart away as much resources as possible to develop their land, they were able to do this through exploitations and slavery. The actual results of British reign in Africa is complete instability, both politically and economically. You can take a little time to compare the British colonies and the French colonies of West Africa and see the ones that are completely devastated.

The Nigerian story is not different, the only legacy the British government left behind after independence is a structure guaranteeing colonisation by proxy.. The British government pretended to have handed power to the Indigenous people of Nigeria but indirectly retained power by ensuring that the North which they believe are gullible and naive as well as leas intelligent would be more loyal than the wise and better exposed Eastern part of Nigeria, the Biafra people. In doing so all the political structures were skewed to favour the North such that the North will always have the majority vote needed to remain in power.  This fraud resulted in the marginalisation, killing and maiming of innocent Christians, the Biafrans and eventually led to the civil war that claimed the lives of over six millions Biafrans between 1967 and 1970.

The very simple truth about this wickedness is that it was completely the British government policy which aims at perpetually keeping on the British interest in Nigeria. It is very obvious that Britain can not survive without the resoxurces from Africa and infact it cannot survive without the resoxurces from Biafra land. This is the major reason why it doesn't matter at all to Britain the number of Biafrans murdered in cold blood.

It is very clear that there is something secret in the relationship between the Islamic North and the British government that are Christians. The British cannot afford to let Biafra go because they know what they are stealing from Biafra through their proxy, the Northerners. No doubt the British government has really gained a lot but whatever thing they had gained may have come to an end because the contraption called Nigeria has come to an end. The nation of Biafra has come to be. The question now is, how good is the British government decision to make Biafra people remain in subjugation and marginalisation by the North.

It is at this point that I wish to remind Britain that it was in Biafra that they made the worst strategic mistake because they chose to kill and destroy a people who are supposed to be their best allies and to support and sponsor a people who in all human reasons are not humans, who are simply terrorists and worst still, these people, the Northerners, the Fulanis, Islamic radicals will in no distant future destroy Britain. This is a simple truth.

I therefore consider this an open letter to the British Prime Minister Theresa May to use the little time left to fix the battered relationship between the Britain and the Biafra by doing the right thing before it's too late.

If the British can realise their mistakes and make amends by stopping all military assistance to Nigeria and give the Biafrans the chance to conduct a referendum just as Brexit was allowed in Britain, this way it can be possible to rebuild the lost friendship with Biafra and the gain to the British will be huge and enduring.

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