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Nigeria's president boarding the plane leaving the country

February 14, 2017.  09:50 CET

By Timothy Uzochukwu Israel

The Ultimate Search For Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari

From Missing Chibok Girls to Missing Budget and now to Missing President everything about Nigeria is missing including its integrity as a country.

It is quite clear about the forum stand here though Nigerians are seeing it in a different angle but the truth remains undiluted

The point here is that all these lies about the missing president are hilarious
From 10 days vacation to Treatment;
From the President jet undergoing repairs to waiting for all the lab results to come out
From president calling Senate President, VP to calling US President Donald Trump which US tabloid denied blatantly

The search went to Nottingham/London hospital respectively both their private room and he was nowhere to be found

The big question remains,  Where is Nigeria's President?
A BBC publication today February 14, 2017, reads and a video of Nigerians sharing their views about the president's whereabout

Read BBC Publication here

We all can recall that he told the world that his wife belongs to the kitchen, the living room and other room,
And the Search went to his kitchen in case he mistakenly went there but he was nowhere to be found, the search continued to the living room but there's no trace of him cos there's no strength to perform the duties either at this critical time.

But there's one major place one needs Nigerians to help out because Google couldn't locate where the other room is, Could the other room be in Nigeria or in U.K.?
If anyone knows where the other room is located let he or she own up and save Nigerians the drama

We all can recall when the same man Buhari called on Late Yar'dua to tender his resignation letter with immediate effect because of his illness
Whatever that goes round comes round, that's the world we are living in.

Mind you, anyone can fall sick and death is inevitable
It's a price we all must pay one day so why all these lies, taking over 186 million Nigerians for granted.
Is that really a country or an entity controlled by a few?

Nigerians really miss Professor Dora Akunyiri who voiced out the truth when similar thing happened a few years ago,
Tinubu during a BBC interview said that he never visited Buhari in London, he totally denied travelling to London, saying that he travelled to Ibadan Nigeria.

Above all, if you know or have an idea where the (OTHER ROOM) is located please feel free to air your view because the search is still on until they tell Nigerians the Truth.


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