The vision,

Came like a healing therapy

To the souls of the oppressed

In pains and agony

All day long

The vision,

 Is like a daybreak

Escalating gradually

To unfold and expose

The cold hands of darkness

Surrounded the day

Today host 

The great clap

Of the evil men

The blood suckers

Of beast incarnate

Parading as  giants, 

In happy queue

Matching vigorously

One after another

To the throne of death

You can now hear clearly

The great sound of trumpet

Blowing loudly, 

Awakens  the spirit 

In the grave smiles

In  the grave speaks

In the grave rules

You can nowbear a witness

To the voice 

Preaching  morals

To the vultures

Feeding on human flesh

To the mean man,

That gave a bitter taste 

Of slavery

To hands off

Or dance the dance of shame

In the pot of doom

l am the visionary

That set the pace

That never again

Will darkness leads

That never again 

Will tails be the head

That never again

Will the owner be a visitor

That never again

Will oil be mixed with water

Yes, you that know

Should know that 

Nothing  left

Only  to walk out of the doom

Where iniquity host  guest

Where injustice hand shakes

Where corruption hugs the masses

My vision only

Is God's  kingdom

On earth

The land, filled with

Abundant blessing

As bright as star

As big as ocean

As tall as mountain

As fruitful as vine

As white as snow

Biafra, land of the rising sun!!

Written: Onyebuchi Eucharia!

Published by IPOB writers

Twitter : @ipob_writers



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