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Northern Leaders

By Onyekachi Ogbonnia


Barbaric ideologies are ideas that are bereft of rational reasonings which are subject to nonsensical, ludicrous, incongruous, cockeyed school of thoughts.

Whilst a zoo is an artificially created animal kingdom where varieties of animals like apes, chimes, monkeys, baboons, goats, cattle, etc. are kept for tourism and experimental purposes, it is worthy of note that in a zoo or animal kingdom lawlessness is one of their prevalent characteristic features which makes them irrational.

Without much ado, let's analyse these 5 Northern Muslim elders' conditions and see whether they synchronise with the definition above.

The number one condition goes thus:
"That the North will take over power come 2019. Hence Osibanjo must not contest for Nigeria's Presidency at the expiration of Buhari's tenure in 2019."

From the number one condition, it simply means that the presidential seat or Federal power is a birthright of the Northerners while for other tribes it is a privilege. Therefore, they are to determine the political futures of any citizenry or other tribes, in a country that claims to run a democratic system of government. It is very preposterous indeed!

This is a pointer to the fact that the constitution of Nigeria is useless. No wonder Mazi Nnamdi Kanu called Nigeria the Zoological Republic. He is 100% right.

The Second condition equally says:
"Osibanjo's Deputy must be a Northerner and a Muslim."

The indications of this second condition are thus:
"Osibanjo, you are an infidel with a little privilege to have tested the seat of power. Therefore, you are a figurehead, you can not rule us rather we will put someone as your vice; but note he is your master, he is the one that will be ruling Nigeria not you, what he says is the final."

In a country with diverse identities, I am forced to ask: Is this 21st-century system of Democracy? It is very laughable indeed

The Third condition states that:

"Osibanjo must ensure that Nigeria remains one at all cost; therefore he is expected to ensure that the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu is not released and to uphold Buhari's methods of suppression and clamp down on Biafra activists in the country."

Look at such idiotic statements - very derisory, primitive & irrational. And they are the ones arresting men of God for hate speeches, but these are righteous speeches, right?

This number three condition has truly opened up their bitterness and fears about the emergence of Biafra. It equally signifies that every other tribe in the zoo called Nigeria are second class and slaves, not only Biafrans. And they are the first class citizens as well as masters.

This calls for a great rethink to every Biafran who still believes in one Nigeria. Thank God I am a staunch Biafran and God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Messiah of our time for properly educating us & reuniting us so strongly to our original roots.

The 4th condition is expressed as follows:
"That most key positions held by Northerners under President Buhari must remain untouchable".

This means, "Osibanjo, as an infidel you are with little consideration of figurehead title, never you try to tamper with the positions of any Muslim Northerner whether they are competent or not; it is their birth right to be in those positions and therefore should not be tampered with. And any day you begin to have a thought of removing them, your figurehead privilege is finished and will be dealt with." Power mongers indeed!

Food for thought comes: "Since the history of this contraption called Nigeria where these Northerners have been in power, how has this their born to rule mentality & position occupancy transformed this their animal kingdom called Nigeria?" Still gasping to breathe well, right? Even animals are more organised than these sets of calibres.

The 5th condition states that:
"Osibanjo must not probe notable Northern politicians who have been indicted of corrupt practices and embezzlement under Buhari's administrations".

These people are a bunch of criminals, vultures in human skins. I think they said Igbo man is the problem of the zoo but from condition five above, who is fooling who my people? Their corrupt practices are righteousness, adorable customs & norms and worth celebrating whereas every other tribe's own are demonic, evil and punishable by law.

This is a pointer to the fact that the law is only remembered and effective in other tribes' crimes, not on the Northern Muslims.
They are above the law; they are free-born while others are slaves and law victims.

Despite these anomalies, it is disappointing that some people still want one Nigeria and are preaching righteousness and peace after sighting these absurdities.

I see now that President Donald Trump was 100% correct when he said that Africa needs to be recolonized

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