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Biafran Leader Nnamdi Kanu and Nigeria's president Muhammadu Buhari

February 18, 2017

By Charles Ogbu

One of the worst evils on the face of the earth is re-writing history and twisting facts to paint a victim of oppression as the perpetrator while giving the real perpetrator the impression that his action against his victim can be justified. Making a victim of a crime think he is to blame for the demonic actions of his oppressor against him is eviler than evil itself.

People who engage in this kind of moral treason usually come in the form of peacemakers. They portray themselves as humanists. They profess peace and express fake support for the victims but believe you me; peace is very far removed from their heart. All they care about is spinning the tale and romancing the truth and sugarcoating it till such a time that even you the victim would be left wondering if you are not the aggressor.

Their main agenda is all about hiding under some phony liberalism to gift themselves with the tag of 'de-tribalized' Nigerians while making a mockery of your pain and sorrow.
Flee from such people! They are everywhere.

They call themselves humanists, but in reality, they are of a very distant relation with humanism. When you hear them label others 'bigots', 'extremists' and 'haters', just pause and die laughing for they are only trying their luck on something called emotional blackmail.

My late father, Ogbu-Nwachima it was, who taught me always to be wary of those who would feign deaf and dumb when two persons are spurring for a fight only to suddenly wake up and start suing for peace when one party has already been wounded in the fight.

I would later learn that "peacemakers" who ride roughshod over other people's misery, pains and sorrows by asking them to forget the moral tragedies they've been subjected to and embrace their oppressors with open teeth without making any effort to get justice for the parties involved, are more devilish than the devil himself.

Sadly, like Shakespeare rightly said, "Hell is empty, all the devils are here."
Here in Nigeria!
A president whose primary duty is the protection of lives and properties of his citizens turning around to kill and maim the same citizens with the army trained and equipped with their own money would never elicit so much outrage from these fake Nigerian humanists. 

But the moment the citizens who are the victims of the murderous instincts of this president start wishing him death, that is when you will know that these our pseudo-moralists value human life. Come and see even the atheists among them quoting both the Bible and Quran just to make you think you are the worst human on earth for wishing death on a man who has proven he wants nothing but your own death.

"Charles Ogbu wishes death on the President", "Charles is a bigot, blah blah blah!! That's Nonsense!

I should pray for my tormentor and the Butcher of my brethren to live long to enable him to complete the job of sending my kind into extinction, right??

Talk of Nnamdi Kanu's IPOB, here you will know that these pathetic bigots who waste no time accusing others of hate are hate made flesh themselves.

They will write thesis and letters longer than the entire letter St. Paul wrote to the Corinthians in the Bible, detailing every single "hate" speech made by IPOB. 

And to prove that they are actually full of the same hate they accuse others of, they would compare IPOB to a US-based white supremacist group, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) reputed for using acts of terror such as killing, lynching, beheading, rape, arson and bombing in a bid to stop America from granting civil rights to Blacks in the country back then.
 If not first-degree witchcraft, what is the basis for comparison between the KKK that has a reputation for terrorism and the unarmed, non-violent group such as IPOB???

This is the same IPOB whose leader has been in prison for almost two years despite a court order that he be released.
The the same IPOB whose members were killed right inside the house of God on May 29-30 in Onitsha and others bathed with acid by Nigerian soldiers, yet, they didn't try to attack anyone in retaliation.

The same IPOB whose members were pelted with live bullets by Nigerian security forces right inside a school field where they had gathered to pray on Feb. 9th, 2016.

The same IPOB whose members were killed by the police and 64 others arraigned for treason simply for staging a peaceful pro-Trump rally in Port Harcourt even when other Nigerians staged both anti and pro-Trump rallies in Lagos that same day with none of them killed, injured or even arrested.

And, despite these grave injustices, IPOB has successfully resisted the urge to take up arms in self-defence even when its now beyond doubt that the only language the Nigerian state understand is violence.

Yet, these soulless morally bankrupt dishonest folks have continued to draw a comparison between IPOB and the KKK that is synonymous with terrorism.

Between IPOB guys that are non-violent and you that is falsely labelling them as a terrorist group just to make them an easy target for the uninformed murderers that is the Nigerian security forces, who is now the bad guy????

In a country where Boko Haram fighters are daily being released from prison and Fulani terrorists being protected by a strong 1000 man military task force despite all their atrocities, it defies common sense, reason and logic that a sane adult would be more worried about an unarmed, non-violent IPOB whose activities are limited to rallies and peaceful protest.

Only a man whose brain is doing Brake and Quench would leave the Nigerian army, the police, the DSS, the Boko boys and the Fulani criminals who are all DEMONSTRATING hate in real practical terms with the express approval of the death merchant called Muhammadu Buhari and concentrate on IPOB which has always been at the receiving end of this hate.

Evil comes in different form. This group of people represent the worst form. #Shame!!

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