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Pro-Biafra supporters holds placards during a protest

By Onyema Uche

It looks like some uniformed Nigerians think if the presidency is given to Igbo-Biafrans at this time that the agitation for Biafra will stop. How wrong they are. It means they have not been listening. Now let me make it clearer to you.

I can tell you we don't want anything from Nigeria except our freedom.
That's all we thirst for.
Our fathers cried for justice, they didn't get it. They cried for inclusion into the mainstream government, the more they cried, the more they were excluded.

The entire generation of our fathers who lived and witnessed the injustices that led to Biafra/Nigeria civil war, lived the terrifying humiliation and dehumanisation of that injustice to death. Those that could write volumes on justice. Those that could sing sang volumes on freedom. The preachers preached peace, tolerance and forgiveness. The tolerance we preached meant to them that we are now weak; the peace we preached seemed to them we are begging; the forgiveness we preached means to them they were just.

Our mothers begged for the respect they didn't get it. Our sisters wanted their womanhood respected, but they got raped and abducted and forced to convert to Islam.
For decades our youths longed for equal opportunities at all levels of government institutions, but all we got were policies aimed at punishing us for going to school.
In Nigeria, our resilience and industriousness were punished.
In Nigeria, our potentials are seen as a crime, and we are hated for it. In all the regimes in Nigeria since 1970, the West and North have remained strange bedfellows whose only common agenda is how to cheat Biafrans out of the national wealth.

The East has fed the nation that continually and wickedly starved her people. The Nigeria state takes pride in marginalizing Biafrans. They let their terrorist groups kill us as if our lives have no dignity.
It is folly for any sane man or individual in Nigeria to think that any kind of appeasement will quell the demand for the Republic of Biafra. The presidency, restructuring, and any of those things (that by right belonged to us, but mischievously denied to us) will never appease us again. We have lost hope in Nigeria.

Nigeria is sicker than her president.
Since 1970 our region has been under military occupation. The Nigeria state has been prosecuting war against us since 1970 even though they said the war has ended. Economically, Nigeria state is fighting Biafrans. On religion they are fighting Biafrans through the bombing of our churches anywhere in the so-called federation, the beheading our people are part of their religious warfare against us.

Politically, we are endangered species in Nigeria. They deliberately made a majority nation a minority. They divided and scattered our population among many states. Only Igbo-Biafrans suffer this today. Culturally we are being eroded. Historically we are being denied the right to historical truths in Nigeria federation. Educationally, the time and money we spent in school is being rewarded to the Northern illiterates for not going to school. Biafra means gathering all the children of God into one flock under one nation.

In the entire eastern region there are a few useless federal presence projects namely: prisons, police stations, army barracks, and worst road networks in Africa. We have nothing to be thankful to Nigeria for.

In Nigeria, the fake federation, the blood of our people waters the streets. Everywhere, every state in Nigeria Igbo-Biafran businesses has been targeted for looting and destruction. In all the states Biafrans live in Nigeria we pay taxes. We contribute to developing the area. We build schools, churches, hospitals, markets, hotels and even roads, yet despite all these, we are hounded, beheaded, massacred, hated and despised. To crown it all, no Fulani person has ever been convicted of killing a Biafran.

So you see it is foolery for anybody to think Buhari is the reason we want out of Nigeria. No. That's not true. The truth is by his despotic government, he accelerated the coming of the new Biafra. Believe me when I said no one can stop it now. No type of appeasement can make any difference.


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