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Biafra: Fr. Mbaka’s Inconsistency, A Dangerous Dance with the Devil

Growing up in the teachings of the Catholic Church as children, we did respect our priests, even to the extent of worshipping them because priesthood was a hallowed calling as priests were seen as next-to-God.

Feeling excited about the level of respect it did command, I started serving mass at the age of nine even though sometimes I had misunderstandings with my parents trying to get closer to the church and to the clergy and worship God in the order of the church.

At that time the priests of God were priests indeed, but now, It's unfortunate and  disheartening for acclaimed priest of God in the person of Rev Fr. Ejike Mbaka to stoop so low as to spit on Biafrans just to romance with the  murderous Mohammedian empire.

Like I said, we grew up with the biblical verse that says “touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm” and it has been my constraint in talking to acclaimed men of God.

But at this time, Mbaka is forming a stumbling stone to our freedom quest and  I will ask God to forgive me because I'm going to talk to him(Mbaka) because one of the Igbo adages said "when a person bites you at the anus irrespective of faeces, you should bite him/her on the head irrespective of the hair strands".

Some days ago the social media was greeted with a video of Mbaka asking youths to jettison Biafra struggle and allow elites to champion the Biafra course. According to him, Biafra struggle is legitimate and should be championed by governors, senators, politicians, political jobbers and not youths. He also boasted of having excess amount of money to take care of their flight wherever they decided to meet.

My question to Mbaka is “who gave him the authority to question Chukwu Okike (God the creator) on whom to use to restore the Biafran nation?”

When God anointed David among other sons of Jesse to be king of Israel, was he the first child? No! David was the last child, abandoned in the bush.

It should be noted that no mortal being questions God's choice whenever the task of liberation is involved. God chose Nnamdi Kanu for this struggle and not the so-called compromised elites.

Let's have a little reflection on these men chosen by Mbaka to lead the Biafran struggle.

Governor Willie Obiano, the murderous being who supervised the killings of IPOB members between 30th and 31st May, 2016, is under an oath to protect the useless territorial integrity of Nigeria and is doing so to the detriment of his people.

Governor Adamu Rochas Okorocha: the person who is championing the Islamization of Biafra land, and doing so with impunity, has created Fulani community in Imo State and is working very hard to give them religious affairs ministry. Okorocha has made sure Imo traditional rulers convert to Islam. With the level of radical Islamic practices going on in Imo State, the state has turned to a caliphate empire.

Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu: one of the political harlots who has sold his sole to the devil, cross-carpets from one political party to another without specific ideology. In USA, you can hardly witness a Republican decamping to Democrats because they both have different ideologies.

Ken Nnamani, a political prostitute who recently decamped from PDP to APC in order to continue his politics of selfishness that has not benefited any Biafran. He defected to the ruling party because in Nigeria, If you are a fraudster and corrupt,  decamping to APC will automatically wash away your sins, iniquities and blot out your guilt.

The only person with an atom of prestige among the so-called elites Mbaka pointed at to champion Biafra struggle is DSP Ike Ekweremmadu. Ekweremmadu, although more is still expected of him, has demonstrated acts of humanity by condemning Buhari’s dictatorship style of governance and has called for the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

From the above analysis, it's crystal clear that the Holy Spirit may have departed from the once respected priest, Ejike Mbaka. I sincerely suggest he quits politics and focus on the vineyard. It doesn't mean he shouldn't rise up and condemn Buhari’s murderous government the way Apostle Suleman did because religious leaders should be the mouth piece of the oppressed and not the other way round.

I want Mbaka to know that he is flourishing in his businesses today because of IPOB members who sincerely support his ministry and other businesses.

On an advisory note, Mbaka  therefore, should cease being a stumbling stone to our struggle. I'm a Catholic; baptized, communicant and was confirmed in Catholic Church; so it pains me to see a priest talking in a misguided manner.

It still beats my imagination how those who brought church (faith) to us have abandoned us to our fate: Irish missionaries brought Bible to us; and UK government handed us over to Northern Emirate to be killed, raped and dehumanized.

I also ask myself some crucial question; if we Biafrans suffer this way without help from the church, what would be the position of the church in the emergence of a new Biafra? It calls for reflection and meditation.

Once again I urge Fr. Ejike Mbaka to give way for anointed ones to continue the struggle because no amount of inducement from Buhari will quench our taste for freedom because we are under oath to restore our dear father land, although we're dying in the hands of Pharaoh's chariots but one thing is very sure, "the Egyptian we see today we shall see them no more".

Written by Chinedu Solomon
Edited by Ogu Edozie Williams
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