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Pro-Biafrans in Europe holds rally

February 17, 2017


Uwazuruike and his criminal Massob gang is the reason why Yoruba e-rats call us Biafra agitators fraudsters**
One thing about life is that even the most cleverly concealed lie has an uncanny way of bubbling to the surface when least expected.

Uwazuruike is a petty criminal and a rogue that tried and succeeded in becoming a wealthy man despite his obvious intellectual and academic limitations by playing to our sentimental attachment to Biafra.

A lot of people knew that Ralph Uwazuruike was a born criminal in the pay of Nigeria Government, but very few dared to question him. He had a well-oiled kidnapping outfit in Massob that would gladly abduct, detain and kill anybody who dared challenge his evil MASSOB group. The list of those Uwazuruike kidnapped is a matter of public record and not hidden.

The brazen criminality of Uwazuruike was known to many but his brutal clampdown on any outspoken individual and his closeness to Orji Uzor Kalu's Sun newspaper journalists meant that his atrocities were perfectly concealed. Anytime a serious allegation is levelled against Ralph Uwazuruike and his criminal Massob gang, Jeff Ogbodo of Sun newspaper will be given his usual brown envelope to issue a denial on behalf of Uwazuruike.

They never conducted any independent journalistic investigations to ascertain the authenticity of these very serious allegations. Instead, they collect their usual brown envelope and publish the usual "those making these allegations were expelled for anti-Massob activities".

For many years Uwazuruike literally got away with murder because of hungry Nigerian journalists, accustomed to covering up evil in the society, always took money from him to level counter-accusation against anyone offering a story or narrating an ordeal they underwent in Uwazuruike's hands.

It wasn't until Radio Biafra came along that people, mostly massob members, had the courage without prompting to start phoning in during live programs to narrate to a shocked audience, the fraud, murders and crimes Uwazuruike were perpetrating in the name of Biafra.

The fact that Uwazuruike got away with his crimes using his fraudulent massob, Benjamin Onwuka became emboldened to lie that he is a lawyer to start his own BZM nonsense today.

I conclude by saying this, if you have anything against the IPOB leadership, please make it public because only truth can give us Biafra not lies. But if there is nothing against them as we know to be the case so far, then we follow them.

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