Nigerian Army on the Streets of Biafraland

Biafra: Continued Killings of Unarmed Biafrans by Nigerian Terror Army

March 01, 2017

By Onyebuchi Eucharia

It is a shame and disheartening that after killing innocent Biafrans in cold blood, the army still had the gut to deny the responsibility of their actions, despite the evidence being clear.

It is no longer news that Biafrans have long been victims of wicked acts of the Nigerian armed forces. Thus, the recent killings of Biafrans on a peaceful rally in solidarity with Mr. Donald J. Trump, the newly elected American president on the day of his inauguration, was still with, the same vehemence and spite with which they hate the word "Biafra".

The army and those behind their actions had always seen Biafra as aggression, bloodshed, treason and rebellion. But this time will be different because they can not kill unarmed Biafrans and still deny it boldly, calling it a mere blackmailing and a dent of image before the international community. The truth remains that if there were no killings, there wouldn't have been any accusation and denial.

If the army claims innocency, let them provide evidence of their protection to the people of Biafra during their rally or accept the blame and evidence of Biafrans being killed by the army and apologize for their actions other than claiming and pretending. Though, l have no doubt that this type of lying will find a favourable base in Nigeria's armed forces and in the heart of those who have an interest in sucking the innocent blood of Biafrans.

However, it has become a tradition to deny killings of Biafrans, as it has been in the history of Nigeria to kill Biafrans and pretend that nothing happened.

Biafrans have long suffered great humiliation, extermination, bloodletting, spilling of innocent blood and the worst genocide ever, which claimed over 30,000 kith and kin of Biafrans slaughtered in cold blood all over Nigeria yet, nobody asked questions, nobody showed any regret or remorse over the actions. So,  what is the difference?  They are still in the same act of rebellion against the Biafran people.

Therefore, Biafrans today will no longer fold their hands and be killed with denial of such criminal acts against them. The act had made them see the Nigerian state as a dead zone, a jungle, with no safety, no justice and no hope which is now forcing them to seek out of the zone, the jungle called Nigeria to their native land, Biafra.

Edited by Ogu Edozie Williams
Published by IPOB Writers
Twitter: @ipob_writers


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