By Timothy Uzochukwu Israel  on Saturday, February 11, 2017

IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu, appearing at the Federal High Court Abuja

Enemies quest to destroy the righteous can turn out to be a huge blessing in disguise.
Uprightness pays and sincerity is the charisma of the Israelites which Biafrans represent

In case you don't know, here is the full meaning of the name Biafra;
B - BehoId
I -  Israelites
A - Are
F - Found
R - Residing in
A - Africa

Nnamdi Kanu is now the most popular name on planet earth today by a single man act to end Biafra not knowing that Biafra is a spirit that can never be blown away.

The lives of the innocent Biafrans youths spilt all over Nigeria till date will never go in vain, their spirits will fight for vengeance

All thanks to Agent of evil change Buhari who single-handedly destroyed Nigeria completely under one year

Chukwu okike Abiama,(Almighty God)  is alive and his ways are not like that of men.
He answers prayer in diverse ways because the way He rescued Biafrans out of that deadly entity called Nigeria is miraculous.
Biafra is already here and nothing can stop it.

The Tyrant Buhari who is probably dead and the northern leaders-British are still holding series of meetings to install who they can control.
But let's just take it as if he is still alive and incapacitated to continue in office.
Why can't he honourably resign since he cannot pilot the affairs of the country?

In the 2017 budget he allocated 123 million for catering equipment, 556 million for sitting allowance and more than two hundred million for state house computers while they spent 94 million in last year's budget for the same catering equipment in the same state house alone meanwhile workers are yet to be paid and the country is in recession.
Isn’t that a serious indictment against a man considered as ‘Mr. Integrity’?
Has Buhari lost his integrity?"

Prof Farook Kperogi : "Perhaps Buhari never had any integrity to start with. It was our desperation for a hero that caused us to dress him in borrowed robes.

What man of integrity would lie that he took a bank loan to buy his presidential nomination form while two of his children were enrolled in a United Kingdom university?

What man of integrity would have a multimillion naira house in Abuja but lied that he had modest houses only in Daura, Kaduna, and Kano?
What man of integrity would be afraid to publicly and transparently declare his assets after promising to do so?

What man of integrity chooses to be the sole signatory to his presidential campaign’s bank account to which millions of poor, struggling Nigerians donated tens of millions of naira and not give an account of how he spent the money?

What man of integrity perpetually surrounds himself with corrupt people and, worse still, defends their corruption despite the cry of all Nigerians to probe them yet he protected the because they helped him rig the election.

People who are intimate with President Buhari told me several months ago in the heat of my unrestrained enthusiasm over his emergence as president that he was morally and temperamentally unsuited to fight corruption and I laughed.

They said the undue premium the president places on ‘personal loyalty’ causes him to ignore, excuse, and defend corruption of his close associates; one can imagine such.

I was regaled with troubling tales of the mind-boggling corruption against close, loyal aides that he swept under the carpet when he was the chairman of PTF (Petroleum Trust Fund) and his Organisation the defunct CPC (Congress for Progressive Change).
Nigerians forget easily and they don't believe in history, one cannot offer what he doesn't have.

As they say show me your friends and I will tell you who you are, one can’t be a man of integrity and continually surround himself with corrupt people.

Buhari clearly declared that Nigeria was made for certain people and should by urgency allow the ones that are not made to be in Nigeria to go their separate ways without further delay.

The IPOB leader and other Biafran's standing trials have done nothing wrong to still be in detention till date.

Biafra is the only solution the Igbo's don't need the presidency as scrupulous gullible Igbo politicians are yearning for.
The only thing Igbos want is their integrity which is beckoning on the Nation Biafra the land of the rising sun.

Edited & Published by IPOB writers
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