Nigerian Military on the Streets of Biafraland
February 25, 2017

In view of the Nigeria's northern Boko Haram military brutal and senseless killings carried out against unarmed innocent Biafran civilians, it will be an understatement and negligence to overlook the symptomatic behaviours of these criminals.

We have irrefutably concluded that the rank and files of these so called Nigeria military are suffering from AMNESIC SYNDROME.

It will therefore be good decision to invite Doctors without borders and  Physiatrists to perform mental evaluation on these Officers who continually and disgracefully show their inability to distinguish right from wrong.  It will also not be a bad decision to fly their brain damaged highly placed officers to London right behind their commander in chief to check into British hospital/s where adequate evaluation can be made without errors and if found unfit for duty, may as well remain there until they are cured of their mental lapses.

A.  They do not know the difference between war and peaceful gatherings causing them to view a section of the country (the BIAFRANS) as their enemy.

B.  They are not properly trained or educated to know when and when not to apply RULE OF ENGAGEMENT.  They have already declared war on Biafrans so they are in the enemy territory.
C.  They do not know the composition of disciplined soldiers, what constitutes the image and integrity of a soldier or soldiers.
D.  Their inability to differentiate right from wrong learn from their mistakes and avoid a repeat of such.
E.  Chronic liars who shamelessly dispute videos implicating them in their crimes.  If they can deny and dispute evidence implicating their criminal acts then one wonders what they have done without any evidence and when no one was watching.

General Tukur Buratai you and your officers including Brigadier General Rana Abubakar should stop disgracing your army because you do not have integrity and does not know the meaning.  You can deny as much as you can, the world have taken notice of your criminal gangs and we will ensure that the international criminal Court pays you a visit soonest.


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