February 05, 2017  21:05 CET

By Charles Ogbu

The action of the Benue state-born music star, Tuface Ujah Idibia in opting out of the proposed national protest just when millions of Nigerians have made so much financial/emotional investment in it, exposes the fundamental problems with Nigeria under Muhammadu Buhari and Nigerians themselves.

Most Nigerians are consistently inconsistent.

Only a handful of us are ready to die for what we believe in.

We must therefore raise 20 fingers in the air to Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB activists for being the only group in the country that has continued to stand up to the tyranny of the death merchant that is Buhari even at the cost of their lives.

Tuface was either threatened or paid off. Either way, he has disappointed millions of young people who looked up to him. For raising our hope so high only to crash it at this 'injury time', he has written his name in the Hall Of Shame!

When he announced he was going to lead a protest against a president who has a reputation for killing unarmed protesters with the army trained and equipped with tax payers money while protecting fulani terrorists with the same army, what was he expecting? A red carpet from the forces of darkness ably represented by the same govt he planned on protesting against?

What I find more offensive is the reason he gave for cancelling the protest:

"After due consultation, I have come to realise that the protest is not worth the blood of any Nigerian........."

My friend, shut ya mouth for that place!

That's bullshit!...Arant nonsense!

That emotional blackmail punchline has since gone into extinction. It is now archaic.

Dear, Tuface Idibia, I Charles Ogbu, am putting it to you that you chickened out for reasons that got absolutely nothing to do with altruism. Shut the fuck up! And stop insulting our intelligence.
If you were threatened, so what? What were you expecting?

I can tell you for free that as insignificant as I seem, I once unsettled the presidency with an essay I titled: "In Defence Of Jonathan" which drew a rejoinder from the presidential media aide, Garba Shehu with "In Defence Of Buhari" after which I got threatening calls and messages, one of which was from an unknown caller who told me the exact location I was answering his call from and assured me I would be dead already if he wasn't being held back by my young age.

The following day, I came back to meet my room scattered even when my doorlock was intact. I abandoned the room immediately with everything in it. This anonymous caller 'friend' of mine would later tell me that scattering my room was just a little demonstration and that if I kept 'running my mouth' against Buhari, I would meet with some sort of "accident" right there in my room, i ran for my safety. I relocated immediately.

But, I still carried on with my writing.

If a 'nobody' like myself could resist these barbarians, why couldn't you? After all, you are an international figure and any attempt on your life or that of your family will be met with serious consequences for this govt in the international cycle. You are more protected than most Nigerians by the virtue of your international status.

Frankly, I don't think you have any justifiable reason for disgracing yourself this way.

If you (Tuface) were paid off, it makes your case even more pathetic.

Either way, you have chosen your path with history. And that path isn't an honourable one, I'm afraid. 

Lesson 1 for Nigerians: stop looking for heroes anywhere. There is no better hero than yourself.

We are over 180million people. Tuface is but one person. Out of 180million, 'one' is such an insignificant number. Is Tuface the only music star in the country? Must the protest be led by a celebrity?

Is the protest even about Tuface as an individual or is it about the fact that millions of Nigerians are starving to death as a result of the conscientious idiocy of this pathetic excuse for a govt?

Nigerians, put Tuface to shame and carry on with the protest. Let his cowardice be a motivating factor for others to forge ahead with the protest. This is a challenge. See it as such!

The stiff opposition put up to the ill-fated protest by the presidency and the police proves that democracy followed Goodluck Jonathan to Otueke on May 29, 2015. We are now back to 1984 and strangely, it is still the same villain.

This country is becoming increasingly uninhabitable. It is now beyond argument that Nnamdi Kanu was wrong in describing Nigeria as a Zoo. I think he should apologise to the beautiful animal place called Zoo. Under Buhari, Nigeria is an evil forest.

While we are bashing Tuface and rightly so, we mustn't loose sight of the fact that our common enemy here remains this govt headed by Tyrant Muhammadu Buhari.

Tuface shouldn't have started what he wasn't sure of finishing.

 This is a walk of shame!

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