I bought the Guns and ammunition the Fulani's Are Using To Kill Southern-Kaduna Christian's- Gov El-Rufai

January 8, 2017  12:36 PM

By Somto Okonkwo For Family Writers

Gov El-Rufai

According to an authentic and reliable source who spoke with Somto Okonkwo for Family Writers and refused to be named, because of security reasons, he verified and corroborated that Governor El-Rufai in actual fact bought the Guns and Ammunitions that the Fulani-Herdsmen are using to go on a rampage to terrorize and kill Christian's of Southern-Kaduna. This source who's a native of Kagoma, Kaduna state, had this to say.

"Governor EL-Rufai is the chief architect of the ongoing massacre of Christians in southern Kaduna. We all know this. President Buhari is also very much aware of this and in fact they seem to be working hand to hand. Some few Months ago, Governor EL-Rufai secretly ordered for high tech machine guns and Ammunitions in a very large truck. When the weapons arrived he called his boys and told them to make arrangements to transfer the trailer full of Ammunitions to the Emir of Dungum and wrote in a letter that the weapons and ammunitions that he is sending to him is for the cleansing of the southern Kaduna Christians, and that the emir should make sure he made use of them because he won't be happy if the Guns are not fully used(To Kill Southern-Kaduna Christian's). Governor El-Rufai also wrote his number on the letter and requested that the Emir called him back. Now El-Rufai boys who took the trailer of Ammunitions didn't really pay attention to details as they set off to deliver the Guns to the Emir as instructed. His boys were supposed to take the Guns to Emir of Dunguma instead they took it to Emir of Kagoma."

He continued: "The Emir of Kagoma is a Christian and we his people are the ones that are been killed by the Fulani's. So when El-Rufai boys got to Kagoma instead of Dunguma, they met the Emir and told him that they were sent by the governor to deliver what they discussed. But the Emir didn't understand what was going on, so after reading the letter he decided to call the governor as instructed. When he called Governor EL-Rufai, their conversation didn't go well because it looked as if the governor recognized that the Emir voice was different from what he used to hear. So EL-Rufai asked who he was speaking with and the Emir said, he was talking to the Emir of Kagoma, the governor dropped the call and switch off the phone. The Emir expressed his shock to us and said he couldn't believe what was going on but by then the boys of EL-Rufai has left. But when the Emir tried to report the case, the Governor denied it. This all I can tell you for now, please try and help us to expose this devil before he wipes us out".

Southern-Kaduna massacre have now seen close to more than 2000 people killed since Governor EL-Rufai was voted in as the governor of Kaduna state. Governor EL-Rufai have doing all he could to make sure Christians in Kaduna state doesn't have the freedom to practice their Christianity. Also just recently, another killing again took place in Kobin, Numana Chiefdom, Sanga Local Government Area, of Kaduna state in 2014 in which no less than 48 people were reportedly depleted to death by armed herdsmen which appeal little national clamor at the time. Little wonder, survivors said that they have been abandoned by government, except some churches and the Red Cross that come around with assistance once in awhile. There have been more killings recently, just before last Christmas in Southern Kaduna too and yet, Governor EL-Rufai and President Buhari has said and done nothing since the killing erupted. This just tells you all you need to know about Southern-Kaduna massacre.



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