Who l am, you well asked

That l defined as the likes

of a sunrise

That escalates 

And free up daybreak

In captivity of the night

Who l am, takes the likes

Of an evening horn

That blows and awaken

The spirit of the oppressed

To the limelight of reality.

Who l am, not far from  fetch

Fetch me And see the truth

Crowned with lies

For many years of oneness

Who I am, takes the likes

Of a freedom fighter 

Whose head veiled with headach

Whose eye cry in secret

Whose laughter burn in pains

Who l am, a task to know

I really wish i knew,

That if not who l am

Then, I am you

Who wear lies in daybreak

Who took honor of a king

In a dance of stealing

Who eat the food 

Kept for a child

Who kick water out 

Of the bucket

Only to sit on it

Who I am, takes the likes

Of a  missionary

Ready to die

For what he believes

Ready to die

To live tomorrow

Bears many pains

For joy tomorrow

Takes the blame

To turn tears to joy

Stands many trials

To get  justice.

Who I am, soon

Will be defined

As a fullfiled promise

Of Biafra to the people

From God !!

All hail Biafra, land of the rising sun

Written by: Onyebuchi Eucharia.

Edited & Published by Mazi Collins
For IPOB writers



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