>>>I can personally attest to this fact that Biafra and Nigeria are not one and will never be<<<

Every igbo man is a Biafran  but not all Biafrans are Igbos.
Biafrans are loving, hardworking and God fearing people whose believe is in Chukwu Okike Abiama who gave his only begotten son to die for us at the cross of Calvary.

This is the only and main reason why Bafrans are close ally to the great and blessed nation of Israel.
Currently Nigeria has been penciled down as an Islamic country by the tyrant himself General Muhamadu Buhari the current president of Nigeria.

I want to let the whole world to know that these discrimination and inhuman treatment of Biafrans has been there for ages.

First, it's all boiled down to Biafrans believe and whom they give honour to which is Chukwu bi n'elu igwe,(God in Heaven).
Nigeria is dominantly a Muslim country by nature whom doesn't want to hear the name of the holy one of God being mentioned.
Despite the help of British that made nigeria seems to conquer Biafrans during the war 1960 - 1962 still Biafrans are waxing strong anywhere they reside.

Biafrans are blessed and favoured people just like the people of Israel.
Listen to this true life story that happened in Nigeria and the reason for Biafrans to know that they have no succour in that entity called Nigeria,(Cattle Republic of Nigeria).
Nigeria is a country that has disgraced its self bad enough that it has lost its sense of belonging and Shame, what a Nation.

Here is what conspired between my  father and the so called Nigerians which are mostly Muslims.

My father was a major share holder in UNTL (United Nigeria Textiles Limited),in Northern part of the country, and his entire adulthood prior to his brief stint working for humanity.
As a business Tycoon he had lots of business transactions from the north to the east until the Islamic revolution which struck Nigeria heavily surfaced.

He was extremely fortunate to escape on the last flight out of the North to the East however some of his fellow Biafran friends and colleagues did not make it as they were brutally murdered by Nigerians,(Hausas) who refer to them as Nyamiri.

Anywhere an Igbo man lives in Nigeria he is a target and hunted due to jealousy and envy because a normal Igbo man works very hard and is a blessing in nature despite been educated or not.

My father told me about the Biafran war and how Nigerians killed his father during the war and he personally was stuck there also during the masacre campaign under General Gowon's administration.

We lived in the eastern part of the country with him for a short time as a teenager, I can attest to the barbaric nature of Islam, it is NOT a religion of peace, never was and never will be.
So Biafrans aught to know this true fact that Muslims have no accomodating room for anyone who doesn't share the same believe with them.

This is why and the main reason they should separate from that entity called Nigeria because if they compromise by allowing Nigeria to deceive them by accepting to live in the same country with these Muslims with time they will massacre our children and our generations yet unborn.
Their Koran stated it clearly that they should killed anyone that doesn't believe in the teachings of Mohamed.

I have Koran and have read it thoroughly. Which peaceful book would tell you to kill people that doesn't believe in your faith, tagging them as infidels?
How peaceful can that be?
And why would you kill to defend your God if your God is a living God why can't he fight for himself ?

We don't  care about what people think t
Of our strong hatred of Islamic ideology of suicide bombers/killing of innocent Souls.
Some strongly condemned the Article I wrote against these Muslims as a whole because they're liberal twats who have NEVER visited or lived in an Islamic country, nor have they ever witnessed the barbarism of Islam.

I love it when they call me an islamophobe, and I tell them about our experience in northern Nigeria which is still same today and that it's not a phobia when they're actually killing Biafrans on daily bases.
They get all tongue tied, then repeated insults at Biafrans because they cannot legitimately offer any facts to the conversation that often say that Nigeria was never meant to be one Nation.
The time to separate is now, it's time for Biafrans to setup machinery to build that nation that has been under the sun but yet unseen.

My dad narrowly escaped having his head chopped off when he fled the northern part of Nigeria, moslems he worked with and who had befriended my dad were the FIRST ones to hunt him down in order to behead him.
Most especially the Hausas we accommodated, that dined in our house while my mother cooks and fed them.
If they can do these wicked and abominable thing to their means of livelihood then who are you to them that they will spare your life.
Killing is the other of the day for them because they don't value life especially if you don't believe in Allah their god.

I KNOW about Islam and anyone who denies the truth is in imminent danger of becoming another headless victim of Islam.
Stupid liberals!!!
Dangerous Nigerians!!!
You maybe their best friend but once they have religious dispute you are going to be the first person they will attack, probably behead because they cherish blood and they are so happy to see heads of other religions,(infidels) been rolled in the streets.
And still some blind Biafran's want to reach an agreement with Nigeria to still remain in a dangerous ground in which they never can tell when they will be brutally murdered by same people that call them for negotiation.

So sorry I'm sounding harsh but the truth must be told.
I recalled my write ups to the authorities in the eastern part of then Nigeria that allowing these Hausa fulani's to rear their cattle freely without proper checks are great threat and danger to the security of eastern region.
The massacre of about hundreds of innocent people of Biafrans in Ndiagu Community, Attakwu, Akegbe-Ugwu in NKanU-West Local Government Area of Enugu State by Fulani herdsmen is another tragedy that will never be forgotten in Biafra history.
Something must be done else we will be meat to Hausas and drink to Yorubas whom naturally are hypocritical in nature.

Biafrans really need to be on their own and develop their state.
Biafran's are the chosen generation and should behave a such both in their dealings with one another.

Though I'm half Israeli half Biafran but please get me right I'm writing these to create awareness in case Biafran's are called for negotiations of any kind.
No is the answer because it is either Biafra or 💀 death.
Biafra as a nation needs to stand on its own if truly we want to survive these menace even the so called Niger Delta people that are clamouring to join Biafra I see betrayal in their own part too, I now prophesy as an Israeli.
Biafrans should go back to the history and the origin of their very being.

We Biafran's are peace loving people, we would accomodate other faith even those that doesn't believe in anything.
One love ❤️, if you love peace you will receive peace that's the law of nature.
You don't have to believe in anything before this law comes into effect.
That is nature because whatever one soweth in this life that is exactly what he or she would reap.

Evil begot evil while good begot good, there's no two ways about it and that is why Nigeria as a nation is in a state of collapse because of atrocities and innocent blood of Biafran's been wasted for no reason just because of tribal discrimination and hatred.

There's nothing one would do for God to love him/her more and there's nothing one can also do for God to love him/her less, rather than to be at peace with everyone!!!.

Though they say that God had special interest in us the Israeli's but I tell you, once you do His will and obey His commandments the blessings of Israel would be your portion as it's already with the people of Biafra.

Biafran's are Israel's allai due to their believe and now we are questioning our sense of belonging by doubting Christ.
I just want you to know that there's big difference between doubt and unbelieve.
One doubt what he or she already know but unbelieve is misconception of the fact.
Biafrans are all Christians and should remain as such.

Chukwu okike abiama is God in Igbo language but for someone to deter from that referring Jesus as a white man thing should have a rethink and ask questions.
One can never be satisfied without the knowledge of whom God actually is and his son Jesus who died for us in the cross of Calvary. The evidence is right there in Jerusalem for all to confirm.

This is the only way we would achieve Biafra by working it out and prayer too because prayer without work is dead.
IPOB are one of the greatest and most organised group in the world today because we have God's backing.

We are living in the last days, believe you me Jesus is the only way to anyone's salvation in life.
Biafra has come to stay and nothing can stop us from getting our freedom and the life of every Biafran belongs to the most High the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

Biafra is already here, we are just waiting for its proclamation.
Buhari is just but mere sand and would seize his breath anytime but Biafra would remain forever till Amen.

Written by Timothy Uzochukwu Israel



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