January  7, 2017. 14:14 EST.

According to Article 1 of United Nations Charter force in 1976: Self determination is a fundamental right & treasury of humanity upon which every Nation is established which will give the people free rights to determine and pursue their political independence, economic autonomy and cultural values for growth and development. And in view of this, Nigeria is signatory to this law through African Human rights charter 1981.

This very law has been exercised and confirmed globally by a lot of today's existing countries. Permit me to mention but few: Vienna declaration and program of Action 1993; Namibia, Western Sahara and East Timor first Oct 2006; Independence of the sovereign Nation State of Hawaii’s January 16, 1994; even the most recent Britain exit, 23rd June 2016 etc.

It is very dismaying that many countries today that Biafra existed before and in the process of self determination have been attended to and granted audience and independence by UN while Biafrans are still being left at the Mercy of Buhari and his kinsmen ( Hausa-Fulani); and with the aid of Britain, massacres, maiming, kidnapping and raping of Biafrans, under-aged girls & mothers by the so called Emirs and Fulani militias have remained unabated.

Moreover, the level of British hatred for African freedom fighters is very absurd, cockeyed, derisory, ludicrous and laughable. It didn’t start today. Permit me to remind you that both Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron called Nelson Mandela a terrorist and demanded for his execution, the same way the British government is pushing for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's imprisonment.

I want to remind Mr. David Cameron and entire British Nation that they just had their  Brexist successfully, no one called them terrorists, not David Cameron or any of the British executive were imprisoned or jailed for exercising their fundamental rights.

It is important to bring to our notice that Nigeria is not a naturally created state from God rather it is a British creation strictly for selfish interests which is Biafrans' oil and this interest is at the detriment of Biafrans for perpetual slavery, via Hausa-Fulani power consolidation.

I want the whole world to know that Nigeria is just a test of experiment  with an estimated duration of one hundred years ( 1914-2014) by late Frederick Lugard, which expired since 2014.

Since the creation of this expired state called Nigeria, Biafrans have been in all sorts of subjugations, pogroms upon pogroms, abuses , rights infringement, sex slavery of our under aged girl’s, decimation of riverine areas. In fact we have paid dearly with our dear bloods, property and environment since 1970 till date yet without relief of freedom. Therefore, my question goes thus to UN and world leaders:
WHY THE CASE OF BIAFRANS' SELF DETERMINATION UPSIDE DOWN? Have we not exhibited high level of resoluteness in our quest for freedom via peaceful protest, despite being killed in thousands and in millions? Why does the world continue to keep mute over our plight as the Nigerian government preposterously attempts to tag us terrorists whilst others seeking freedom are being supported and granted their rights with ease? Or are Biafrans not considered humans again? This is very bad and unacceptable to humanity's rights and protections. If other Nations like Britain for instance can exercise their rights of exit EU, then, BIAFRANS deserve theirs too, for it has been long overdue and overpaid for. 

Going by the current trends of Biafra issues, it is very obvious that Nigerian government has no case with Biafra. They have concocted lies and cockeyed ideas in their stomachs to no avail of their evil agendas. Because we, the BIAFRANS, committed no crimes other than exercising our fundamental rights which is equally a universal law which Nigeria is equally a signatory to, and bearing in mind that marriage is not by force.

Now  Nigerian government led by Muhammad Buhari has resorted to  secret trial of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and we BIAFRANS in one accord are saying CAPITAL NO TO ANY FORM OF SECRET TRIAL because you can not accuse someone in public , kill and maim his people in public and try him in secret. It is a big fraud to justice and I am using this medium to importunate on the international societies , world leaders, UN, men and women of Good will and integrity to compel President Muhamadu Buhari and his cohorts to stop this heinous murderous acts and  release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and call for Biafra referendum.

I equally entreat for more international attention on 10th January 2017 which is a scheduled date  for the proposed secret trial. I urge that various international delegates be sent to Federal High Court Abuja , to aid stop this heinous crimes, anomalies and abuses of rights of BIAFRANS and restore Sanctity, justice and peace via Biafra referendum peacefully so that hope may be restored to other people whose

rights are still being infringed upon.
For in as much as Biafra issues are being paid deaf ears to, with the level of decimations, human rights abuses, pogroms, raping and maiming committed & still being committed against them, JUSTICE AND PEACE ARE STILL BEING RAPED AND THAT POSES A GRAVE DANGER TO HUMANITY, FOR TRUTH INDEED HAS NO SUBSTITUTE.

Written by Onyekachi Ogbonnia
Edited  by  Ogu Edozie Williams
Published by Mazi Collins
For IPOB writers



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