BIAFRA : The Indefatigable Spirit of Biafrans

January 12, 2017

We, Biafrans, are champions because we fight with all our heart without quitting...

When things seem tough, we unflaggingly fight with the last drop of our blood expecting to come out victorious because we know that out of difficulties, exploits are achieved.

We, Biafrans, are facing numerous adversities from the Nigerian government and her citizens but, against all odds, we must come out successful because the word "failure" doesn't exist in our dictionary.

Biafrans will never let the cheap deceit of ugly history of Biafran war interfere with our destiny.

The measure of Biafrans' greatness is the way we bear up under suppression. It is a common trend that adversity causes some people to breakdown but for Biafrans, it is an opportunity to break and make records because we are born with great ingenuity.

We, Biafrans, push very hard on the inside and make progress on the outside, entertaining no slackness, accepting no defeat but showing great fortitude, wisdom, creativity and determination which are some of the reasons why other tribes in Nigeria envy us immensely.

Biafrans are currently facing difficulties even with the unlawful detention of our amiable leader, Nnamdi Kanu, but definitely we must smile at last because we know that every adversity, failure or heartache carries with it the seed of an equal and greater benefit and since we are handling ours with much resolve and ingenuity, our benefit is sure.

Therefore, it is time to wake up from our deep slumber and show the world the stuff we are made of, learning from our  mistakes and carrying on with our struggle because the facts of life are pure if one loves genuineness and originality because a mistake becomes a lesson when corrected.
That is why we won't allow other tribes to sabotage us again because a lot of souls have been brutally murdered by Buhari-led federal government since he came into power.

But it is our response to life's troubles that counts not the troubles themselves because life is full them; hence we, Biafrans, are saddled with the responsibility of restoring our fatherland, so that our born and unborn children will live as free people in their own country known as Biafra.

The path to this freedom, although has been rough and stormy, yet we, Biafrans, are rising above the storm and have found the sunshine that the Nigerian government with her cohorts had been covering with false unification.

Chukwu Okike Abiama never made any Biafran a mediocre, that is why we are so different from other tribes in Cattle Republic of Nigeria where anything goes.

No life ever grows great until it is focused, dedicated and disciplined. As we are formidable and disciplined, it won't be long the land of the rising sun will rise in our domain.

Therefore, let us maximize our potentials and make good use of our endowments and see how we would be catapulted, in turn, to 'Greatness' as it awaits us because of our doggedness and our zeal to succeed; and we must scale through eventually because God is with us.

Written by Timothy Uzochukwu Israel
Edited by Ogu Edozie Williams
Published by Mazi Collins
For IPOB writers



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