Today, Thursday, December 1, 2016, has been recorded in history as the day JUSTICE died in the contraption called Nigeria.

The shameful denial of the bail application filed by the leader of the Ingenious People of Biafra Dr Nnamdi Kanu by Justice Binta Iyako is a very clear Declaration that the issue of democracy is dead, the issue of fundamental human rights is dead, and the word JUSTICE has been deleted from the constitution of the land. It is, therefore, an official pronouncement of dictatorship.

What happened today at the Federal high Court is never a surprise to the lovers of truth because there were obvious signs that the Judge was going to do exactly as commanded by the dictator Muhammadu Buhari.

Let us look at the facts briefly:

1. The President had on December 2015 made it clear that he will never allow the court to be independent, he stated it that he will never free Nnamdi Kanu and in fact; he capped his speech by saying and I quote, "I hope the Court will listen ". Today the court has listened to him.

2. The Justice Shuaib led magistrate court, and the Justice Ademola led Federal high Court in Abuja both upholding the tenets of justice and fundamental human rights unequivocally dispensed justice and fairness by affirming that Nnamdi Kanu is innocent and as such discharged and acquitted him. The President felt bad and refused to obey court orders; now these two were punished for witnessing to the truth.

3. Justice Binta Iyako on the 17th of November 2016, formed the members of IPOB from bringing in any form of electronic device to the court. The freedom of journalists was also restricted.

4. A few days to the court hearing of today, the army launched operation python dance on Biafra soil, flooding the whole South East with military personnel and hardware, placing Biafra land under siege because they know what the Judge will say today. They know that there will be ECLIPSE OF JUSTICE and that is what exactly happened.
The fact is that a dictator has been inaugurated as the President and the Judiciary has been bottled.

The beginning of the end has come because the country is now sitting on a keg of gun powder and most important question to answer now is how long will Buhari keep the Judiciary in chains, how long will he detain Nnamdi Kanu illegally, how long will he bury democracy and rule of law, how long will his army kill and maim innocent Biafrans and what will happen in the end, will he stop Biafra from coming, will he stop people from knowing they are Biafrans, is this not much ado about nothing, Biafra is a seed and a seed can only be planted and can never be buried.

There is something that I am yet to understand that is the reason why the American people are not talking to there President concerning the plight of the Biafrans, does it mean that they want us dead so that they can take over our resources, is it that Britain can not survive without the resources from Biafra land. The world should consider the Biafrans as a people who also deserve to live as human beings and grant us good audience before things go out of hand.

There is one thing Nigerians must not forget, that is the fact that Justice is gone and nobody should expect justice anymore, it will be mega error to think that it is only Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB that will suffer it, as long as Buhari has successfully caged the Judiciary, every person who does not agree with him will go to jail. The principle that says an accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty has now been reversed in Nigeria, and it now says that an accused is presumed guilty until proven innocent, the question now is who will prove who innocent.

BUHARI WILL NOW JUDGE; HE WILL SENTENCE AND HE WILL EXECUTE. This is the time for the Nigerians to mourn and mourn for the ugly has not been seen yet.

The irony of it all is that the British and the Americans should know that when the game is up Buhari will lastly be the tool for their destruction because EVIL THAT MEN DO LIVE AFTER THEM.

Written by Chukwuka Adams
Edited by Mazi Collins
Of IPOB writers


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