By Ogochukwu Nnanna
For Family Writers

The British experiment called Nigeria has finally collapsed and there is no sign of it being redeemed. Can you imagine that during this Christmas season when Nigerians as well as BIAFRANS need their money deposited in Nigerian banks, Nigerian banks are now telling them that there is no money to give them.

This cock and bull story of Nigeria banks not having money to pay, mostly took place in Igweocha Biafra Land now called Port Harcourt in River state. Starting from 18th of December, 2016, many people begin to troop into different banks in Igweocha to collect their money for Christmas celebration. Another notable challenge faced by customers is the long queues at the banks as these banks adopt measures aimed at frustrating customers. Most customers recount that "even though they came to the bank in the morning before they will be attended to, it will be later in the evening. At times, some will leave the bank annoyed without being able to collect their money". Adding that to make sure that one gets attended to, you have to wake up by 5am in the morning to make your way straight to the bank so that when the bank opens by 8am, you will be among the first people to be attended to.

Starting from 20th to 24th of December, the story changed. If you are demanding for N100,000 from the bank, you will only be given N40,000 or the highest they could pay is N50,000. If you are demanding for N50,000, they will just offer to give you N20,000. At a stage, the banks claimed they no longer have money to pay to people, there and then crying and lamentation became the order of the day as customers are left with no choice. The whole sad event became obvious when you turn on your radio station, what you will be hearing is nothing but crying and complaints of people who were disappointed by their banks.

And my question is --where did they keep all these money? Or are they doing business with their customer’s money and forgot that the owner will demand for it when he/she wishes? Despite that, banks are not giving reasonable explanation to those who deposit their money in these banks, when you are in need of your money, you will have to go through hell before you can get it.

I have come to the conclusion that Nigeria banks are not a safer place to save money as Nigerian banks deliberately or accidentally make it difficult for customers to assess their account or for whatsoever reason can't easily get their money from these banks when it's needed the most. These things happen because our people forget so easily. These things happening only point to one direction, the fallen of Nigeria. Biafra must be restored urgently, so as to redeem the INDIGENOUS PEOPLE living under the oppressive concocted Islamic Republic called Nigeria. Indeed it's now clear that the zoo called Nigeria has finally collapsed.

Edited by Olise Donald
For Family writers



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