Joe Jackson was in an L.A. hospital after a routine checkup took a turn for the worse.

The 87-year-old father of eleven children was hospitalized in Los Angeles Wednesday morning, and as the outspoken Jackson siblings continued to downplay their father’s medical crisis, has exclusively learned what his doctors just told the entire family.

Joe had a temperature of 104 degrees a Jackson family insider insisted.

“Everyone in that family knows that the 104-degree temperature is what Killed him!”

Sources close to the family tell TMZUNCUT.COM Joe was scheduled for some tests with his personal doctor Friday. However, Joe became weak during the tests and struck a high fever. We’re told that’s when his doc admitted Joe to the hospital … where he passed away.

Now the family is running with reports saying he is still alive attempting to do damage control.

We were told 87-year-old Joe fought for his life before succumbing to his illness.

R.I.P. Joe Jackson



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