Mbaise  IPOB Pays A Second Solidarity Visit To Nnamdi Kanu's Family

December 28, 2016. 13:48 PM

On the 27th of December, 2016, Mbaise IPOB paid their leader's family a solidarity visit in Isiama Afara-Ukwu Ibeku Umuahia in Biafra land.

They were warmly received by Eze Israel Kanu and Ugo-Eze with Prince Emmanel Kanu and his sisters.

In his warm welcome speech, Eze Kanu recounted the kindness Ndi-Mbaise have shown him, his 'inlaw-hood' with Ndi-Mbaise and some of his transactions with them during and after the Biafran war.

Speaking on behalf of Ndi-Mbaise,  Elder Ukachi expressed Ndi-Mbaise's  readiness to support the family that birthed the Messaiah of Biafra to the end. And to continue the struggle until Biafra is restored.

Their leader, as the Biafran Messaiah, has proven to be trustworthy despite tempting offers and  opportunities to sell his people for a porridge of yam, yet refusing such offers, so Ndi-Mbaise are fully with him in the struggle.

Nnamdi Kanu has been detained illegally by the Federal Government of Nigeria, but has clearly demonstrated high level of  determination, resilience,  fortitude, faithfulness and indefatigability in his pursuit for self-determination to free his people from subjugation, maltreatment, marginalization, slavery and destruction and this selfless move to free his people has earned him support both from home and abroad.

There is a cumulative rise in support for Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB from home as evidently seen lately, starting from prominent men in Biafra land demonstrating their full endorsement of Nnamdi Kanu's ideology which they presumably were previously averse to.  Also organizations and associations which previously disagreed with Nnamdi Kanu are now advocating and demanding for his safe unconditional release as ordered by competent courts of jurisdiction.

Many clans in Biafra land have stood behind Nnamdi kanu faithfully since this struggle began.

Among these people, Mbaise has stood with both Nnamdi Kanu and his family and are now on a second solidarity visit to the family.

Apart from the fact that Ahiara Declaration happened in Mbaise, Nnamdi Kanu also grew up in Mbaise land; Eze Israel Kanu of Afara Ukwu Ibeku is an in-law of double honour to Ndi-Mbaise. But  the major contributor to Ndi-Mbaise visiting Nnamdi Kanu's Family on solidarity is the fact that Ndi-Mbaise are lovers of freedom and Biafra fanatics. Hence anyone that genuinely fights for freedom of Biafra will receive overwhelming support from them.

To this end, Ndi-Mbaise are not slumbering in this agitation for freedom but are at the forefront doubling their efforts in order to achieve this freedom.

Ndi-Mbaise are therefore calling on all clans and tribes in Biafra land, both home and abroad, to double their efforts spiritually, materially, and otherwise to make sure Biafra exists as a free state in no distant time without which Hausa/Fulani would annihilate Biafrans.

And to those, both home and abroad, who have not identified themselves with the struggle, Mbaise IPOB extends invitations to them to join and support the struggle in cash and/or in kind because victory is Biafra's in no distant time.

Mbaise IPOB is also calling on the international community to challenge the Nigerian government against the continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu, a British citizen whose release has been ordered by competent courts of jurisdiction in Nigeria but still illegally detained and persecuted by the Nigerian government led by Muhamadu Buhari.

Ndi-Mbaise want to remind the international community firstly that amalgamation of Northern and Southern protectorates of 1914 which formed the present day Nigerian state has expired having stayed up to (One Hundred Years)100years hence component parts that made up Nigeria are ready to dismember and form separate states having seen that the amalgamation is a source of destruction of Biafran lives, dreams, potentials and development.

Secondly, Biafrans have fought a civil war with the Nigerian state in a bid to stay as a separate state from Nigeria between 1967-1970, a war that lasted for three years. Having stayed with Nigeria up to 46years after the civil war, Biafrans are due for freedom from the Nigerian state.

Thirdly, the U.N. Resolutions on the rights of pursuits of self-determination for Indigenous People if they wish so is another obvious right Biafrans have in their agitation for a separate state and the international community, in defense of their resolutions, should support Biafrans in this peaceful agitation for freedom.

By Ogu Edozie Williams
For IPOB  writers



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