Gov. Nyesom Wike

Ahead of the December 10 rerun elections in Rivers state, the state chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has reported that the state governor, Nyesom Wike, once identified himself before chieftains of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, as “the President of the new Niger Delta Republic”, purportedly calling President Muhammadu Buhari his fellow President.

This claim was contained in a statement signed on Monday by the Chairman of Rivers APC, Davies Ibiamu Ikanya, which declared that the governor needs to go and see a psychiatrist, as his recent behaviour and utterances “do not present him as a person who is still in full control of his mental faculties”.

Citing instances of such utterances, Ikanya said, “Recently at the Rivers state Government House, Wike muttered to PDP Chieftains, ‘apart from the fact that Development creates crime and that since I resumed office as Governor of Rivers state, people are being killed and beheaded in Rivers state and pictures of those killed in the state were littered in social media, too much insecurity in Rivers state I will only try my little best to handle it but as the President of the new Niger Delta Republic, how can my fellow President, President Buhari of Nigeria withdrew my security and assigned them to Hon Asita O. Asita a small boy besides People should understand that in Rivers State, we have the capacity to resist the security agencies of Nigeria.

To worsen our case, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) has assigned all the Police SARs in the South-South (SS) to Senator Magnus Abe and those of South East (SE) region to ‘Senators’ Andrew Uchendu and Amachree’.”

The statement added, “To further expose Wike’s unstable mind and thought as Nigerian Master Electoral Rigger and how he rigged himself to power, let us listen to him, “How can APC topple me as master electoral rigger? Na me bi their Oga (for rigging). I no give them this kind thing. Na me bi their oga. I no teach them this kind thing. Na who dey teach them all this kind thing? Trans Amadi Police station, you know we have police barrack there near Michelin. Na there wey the SARS Commander dey live, one Akeem. Every night, you go see them with this Tundra, this big hilux, black. Them go come. Them go tell all the security people wey dey for gate make them comot. Them go comot. Them go put off the light and bring down materials. I go tell them say me, I be professional. This thing wey una dey do, una bi small children”.

The Rivers APC chairman went on to state that “everyday this man who is not fit to be a governor makes Rivers State a laughing stock before the country and the international community. He should be made to get help before it is too late.”

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