December 16, 2016.

It is obvious that Nigerian government cannot provide any evidence or proof to jail Kanu therefore, has no reasons for his continuous detention against his will, since October 2015. All the court proceedings have been from one drama to another; President Buhari had resorted to lies and unprintable charges against Nnamdi KANU in other to jail put an to the quest for Biafra, which is his biggest goal right now.

On the 30th of December 2015, during a national media chat, Buhari lied to the entire country that Kanu entered the country with no passport documents whereas the evidence from the court today has proven. Otherwise, he also made it clear on that media chat that Kanu will never be released by publicly declaring that on National TV.

Moreover, now Buhari has appointed his sister Justice Nyanko to jail Mazi Nnamdi Kanu by denying him bails which we saw on last court appearance on December first. And to introduce mask witness for a ligation tomorrow to jail him. I am very happy all these heinous crimes of Nigeria against Biafra are not hidden to the whole word, UN  and world leaders.

Are Biafrans still considered humans?  Does the word "justice" has any value in Nigeria?  What has BIAFRANS committed to being left at the mercy of killings and maiming of  President Muhammadu Buhari and his kinsmen?

When will the UN and world leaders break their silence and make Buhari face the law over his crime against Biafrans and restore peace and sanctity to this part of the world, Self-determination is a universal law and a fundamental right of Indigenous people, Brexit is a good example, and we have the Catalonia in Spain fighting for the same thing as well as the Vatican in Italy, no one has killed anyone of them, but the case of Biafra in Nigeria, the entire military outfit has been deployed to the region and hundreds of Biafrans have been killed with the numbers surging since Buhari took over power with the help of Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barrack Obama.

I, therefore, urge the United Nations and world leaders to compel president Buhari to free Nnamdi Kanuconduct a referendum for Biafra.

Self-determination is a fundamental right upon which every Nation emerges which Nigeria a signatory, Buhari's actions and crimes against Biafrans by ordering the February and May 30th killings; he should either be in the Hague already or preparing to visit the ICC in the Hague to answer for his heinous crimes against humanity.

By Onyekachi M Ogbonnia
Edited by Mazi Collins
For IPOB writers


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