By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi
December 04, 2016

There seems to be a need to enlighten our so called Senators over the sham called meeting they had with President Mohammadu Buhari which in reality did not represent our collective interests, an insider from the so called meeting leaked to our media crews that the elementary thing those senators was urging tyrant Buhari to do is to reshuffle his cabinet and embrace an all-inclusive government which they referred to as following the principles of federal character where no federating unit will be treated with disdain. Then before I proceed with this article, there is a need to sound a clear warning to them that wants all inclusive government which this article is tailored towards correcting the impression created by those senators in Abuja whom in reality are on their own.

It is often said that it is not only the dead that needs his neck to be adjusted or straightened both the living needs his neck to be fixed or rectified when he go astray what this implies is that IPOB wish to address the senators to desist from using their efforts and struggles to get to negotiate over what nobody ask them to discuss about.What will it profit the politicians to sell us out, our collective freedom to remain in this present neo-slavery and Hausa-Fulani internal colonialism all in the name of one Nigeria? Remember very well that whatever one gets from the side of the pot goes back to the side of the mouth then I urge the senators to use their tongues to count their teeth's.

Yes it is a well known fact without disputation that not everyone from Biafra land will support the call for her restoration but at the long run the wishes of the majority must be respected in all spheres of necessity, majority needs Biafra more than what life can bring and in our wisdom must accord them the much-needed respect to attaining to their goal of getting Biafra, no one should be viewed as an impediment or a threat to the agitators resolve on their right to self-determination.

This article will convey so much needed enlightenments of what our senators are to act upon or table it to Buhari on what self-determination necessarily is, do not see yourselves as errand housemaids before the executive as both the legislatures passed through a voting process. What is the rationale behind the closed door meeting? As the insider leaked to us that tyrant Buhari mandated the senators from the south-east to persuade Nnamdi Kanu to drop the Biafra struggle as a precondition for his release since it has been observed that international pressure is on him Buhari to release his prisoner of conscience.

          Public Lecture on Self-Determination:

First I will take out time to give to us a  preamble on what self-determination is all about and other functionalities that accord to it since Buhari perceived it to mean war.

Self-determination also known as plebiscite is a voting process where the people exercise their collective suffrage over their right on what they believe to be part of or not, this exercise is being initiated and supervised by the United Nations and other foreign observers in a peaceful environment, not in a war field or battleground.

1) Self-determination is a universal right as all indigenous peoples are free and have the right to seek to it if an oppressive regime threatens their lives.
2) Self-determination is a people's choice to decide and not on the government and her apparatus to do so rather the government has to step aside and allow the people to choose to their fate in a union.
3) Self-determination stipulates that indigenous people have the right to form their own government, right to own their media house, right to govern the areas that constitute to what they perceived as their geographical space without violating their culture, tradition and beliefs.
4) Self-determination is a test run to checkmate the people's willingness if in reality, they want a state of theirs and not a call for war.

It is very disheartening that Buhari has not come to reality even after his political associates had pitched on him that Biafrans are right about their quest to get Biafra which pushed Buhari to reported having a quick meeting with the Southeast senators to persuade Nnamdi Kanu to drop Biafra because the scale in his eyes has fallen off that Nnamdi Kanu has won this battle on all fronts which Buhari agreed to grease the palms of those senators having accepted to see themselves as hitches to the restoration of Biafra.

Buhari should know that his bought over senators are few in numbers and their opinion do not count, they ignorantly cut a deal with Buhari which will fetch them ants from the anthills, they have failed woefully, they speak for themselves, not the majority that needs Biafra and it is against this backdrop that the people of Biafra challenge  Buhari to give way for referendum to take place rather than looking for person(s) to buy over, we advise those senators to go back to tyrant Buhari and tell him to his face put the boxes before our people to test their resolve and their resilient spirit to restore Biafra rather than lobbying any political Juggernaut to betray us. What a callous ideology?

Those senators should know that whatever they wish to discuss with Nnamdi Kanu should lie on the premise of how effective do he want to restore Biafra without bloodshed not to ask him to stop or try insinuating about the all inclusive government which is the Greek gift Buhari gave them to offer. There is the need for our senators to receive wisdom as every genuine struggle must not lie on a money basis, he who sells his brother to have palm wine and oil bean in a beer parlour when the money finishes who will he sell the following day again to continue his merriment? Nobody.

Tell Buhari that your/our children with their mothers has decided to follow their children footsteps on self-determination, their mothers whose happens to be our wives sees us as weak sperms who cannot stand firm with their children on what they believe is right for them, tell your paymaster that we cannot kill our children because we want one Nigeria nor are we going to send their mothers away as they are determined to banish us senators and excommunicate us their fathers to go and live with the Arewas or Oduduwas  since we cannot stand side by side with them. Tell Buhari that you senators have viewed it in your wisdom that your/our children are not making enemies with the Oduduwas nor the Arewas, all they keep on saying is that they don't want to continue living as a Nigerian no more by then we will applaud your efforts.


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