The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) yesterday responded to a statement credited to President Muhammadu Buhari, where he told Biafra agitators to kiss their aspiration of having an independent nation goodbye.

Buhari had during a meeting with some traditional rulers from the South East urged the monarchs to advise their kinsmen against the idea of splitting Nigeria, while vowing to ensure an indivisible nation under his watch. But the group faulted the statement saying that it portrayed the president and his advisers as people who do not know that there was no going back on Biafra, saying that the president and his advisers are ignorant of the realities around them.

In a statement signed by its spokesman, Emma Powerful, the organisation posits that there can be no united Nigeria with the mounting marginalisation going on in the country especially as it is tilted towards the people of the old Eastern Nigeria.

“The IPOB worldwide and the Directorate of State (DoS) have confirmed that Buhari and the people around him are far from the reality of what is happening now and what is about to happen in Nigeria concerning the restoration of Biafra.

“The statement credited to Buhari when he was having meeting with South East traditional rulers that they should advice their subjects to forget the issue of Biafra has proved that they are far away from the reality on the ground.

“They forgot that there is no how Nigeria can be one again because of the cheating from the people ruling this country Nigeria. “There is no way a country where cheats, quota system, imbalance of states and local government areas are not equal numbers and lopsided sharing are the order of the day can be one indivisible entity.

“In line with this, those who created 19 states for the North and 17 states in the southern part of Nigeria and more local government areas are aware before the creation that one day Nigeria would be a decided nation.

“With the fraudulent falsification of Nigeria census figures against the Biafrans since the colonial era till date, they know very well that one day Nigeria would be a thing of the past and this is the time.

“Those who believe in sharing the allocation of God-given oil wells in Biafra land to themselves alone without the original owners of the land are properly aware that one day Nigeria will break into pieces.

“Meanwhile, those who actually believe in cut off marks in Nigeria educational system are also aware that one day Nigeria cannot survive with the system.

“We are also aware that those around the corners and the corridors of power in Nigeria are aware that Nigeria is sinking but refused to tell the president the truth on the ground about the coming of Biafra.

“With this happening in this contraption called Nigeria, we are very pathetic to the president that he is far from the truth concerning the restoration of God’s nation Biafra and they are not akin on how God Almighty works.

“We are also aware that the president held meeting with our traditional rulers and other stakeholders from the South East but they did not tell him the simple truth concerning the struggle of Biafra because of fear.

This is a project of God Almighty ordained before Nnamdi Kanu was preserved and raised to complete the project of God and no man can quench the burning fire because it is spiritual,” the organisation maintained.

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