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Beautiful Agony came forcefully
Like a rainfall
And filled the land
To perpetual flood

Today the land,
Is flooded with dirty waters
No one can pass through
No one can find the solution
No one can stand the damage

The houses trapped by the flood
Has become a threat to the people
Has become a disgrace to the people
Has become a thing of mockery

Now, the surveyor,
Has to check the plan
The architect,
Has to check the drawing
The contractor,
Has to check the foundation
The builder,
Has to check things manipulated

Yes, the marriage
Manipulated forcefully
With no arrangement
With no agreement
With no connection
With no love
Only to enrich pocket
Only to milk-dry
Only to satisfy interest

Today, comes the weather
The cold weather
Everyday cloudy
Every cloudy day
Every rainfall
Fall heavily
Every heavy rain
Fall on me

The blood rain
The blood of the innocent
Falling in
Day and night
In the street, in the farmland
In the church, in the marketplace
At home, in the war field
Waiting for justice

I am the bride
That sacrifices children
Yet, Hunted day and night
That gave all the fortune
Yet, a sufferer
That offered service
Yet, unpaid
That shared love
Yet, hated
That gave up religion
Yet, have no right
That gave up language
Yet, not appreciated
That gave up name
Yet, not recognised
That gave up pride

Beautiful Agony,
Do you know what?
You are a curse, not blessing
You are a darkness not light
You are a humiliation, not rescue
You are a chain, not freedom

Look at me and see the curse
Look at me and see the darkness
Look at me and see the humiliation
Look at me and see the chain

Beautiful Agony, Beautiful Agony
What have l done to you?
What crime did l commit?
Is my existence a crime?
Don't l have right to live?

It is high time you look beautiful
It is high time you bury the Agony
It is high time you heal the wound
It is high time you divorce the marriage
It is high time you support the ideology

I am the ideology
That never died
That lived on
And will live on
As Biafra
Till the ends of the earth!!!!!!

All hail Biafra,  Land of the rising sun!

Written by : Onyebuchi Eucharia.


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