Pro Tinubu Supporters

Supporters of the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, on Saturday, staged a peaceful protest to express their displeasure with the alleged sidelining of the APC stalwart in the country.

The protesters were led by the APC Chairman in Lagos, Henry Ajomale.

The loyalty march, tagged, “I stand with Tinubu,” also had in attendance government officials, present and past political office holders.

They marched from the Lagos State House of Assembly Complex in Alausa to other parts of Ikeja.

While addressing the protesters, Ajomale said the leaders of the party would not allow anybody to rubbish Tinubu’s legacies.

Ajomale said, “The man that started the whole revolution (Tinubu) is now being rubbished because of the inordinate ambition of very few members of the party. They want to destroy the party, and that is why we are concerned about what is going on. If we allow a few people to truncate what we fought for, then the promise made to Nigerians would not be fulfilled.

“Those trying to undermine the leadership of Tinubu in APC are not helping this country. My advice to them is to leave Asiwaju alone and let him do what God has asked him to come and do for this country.  Those planning the crisis should have a change of mind because it is not going to help the country. We cannot sit down and fold our hands and allow anybody to destroy the whole thing we planned.”

  In his remarks, the Deputy Chairman of Lagos APC, Omolaja Odumbaku, said they would continue to support Tinubu because they hold his leadership qualities in esteem.

Addressing the supporters, the Convener of IStandWithTinubu rally, Babatunde Afonja, said the protest was to show that Tinubu remains the leader of Nigerian progressives.

Source : Punch


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