IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu

November 03, 2016.
By Chinedu Solomon

What will look like a coincidence in this month's events is the upcoming Nnamdi Kanu's Case and US presidential election on November 8th, 2016

Kanu is set to  ECOWAS regional court of competent jurisdiction and Nigeria Federal High Court where the new judge, Justice Binta Nyako will commence Kanu's trial, after disgraced incompetent injustice John Tsoho shamefully hands-off the case on September 26th, 2016.

Recall that on October 5th, 2016 the Nigerian government and its legal representatives were absent at the Economic Community of West Africa States Court of Justice on a frivolous excuse that the director appointed to represent it in the case had another matter at the Federal High Court in Kaduna.

Who knows where the Nigerian legal representative will go this time? Maybe, Sambisa forest.

Having known that Kanu and Federal government must appear before ECOWAS  court on Nov 8th, 2016, the newly appointed judge to handle Kanu's case still went ahead and fixed the court case hearing on the same day.

People are judged by their actions. What stops Justice Binta Nyako from choosing a different date? Is there anything she isn't telling the members of the public? Has her relationship with Buhari beclouded her common sense of reasoning? Well, her verdict may clear our doubts depending if she belongs to justice or injustice.

Kanu has faced persecution in the hands of Buhari's government and only justice well served which is releasing him unconditionally as another competent court headed by Justice Ademola has done. Anything apart from upholding his unconditional release won't be accepted by the masses and Biafrans.

Justice Binta Nyako has the opportunity to rescue the face of the judiciary from international shame experienced all these while. If she falls for Buhari's threat, then she'll receive ten folds of what devilish Injustice John Tsoho is passing through now.

IPOB and International Communities have repositioned their satellite to Justice Binta’s court, and according to sources, Justice Binta is probably in a state of confusion, she either ready to deliver justice or please her brother Buhari.

In another development, United States of America, USA will have her general election on November 8th, 2016. The electioneering campaigns have seen Americans seeking for whom will Make America Great Again among all the presidential candidates.

Before Hillary Clinton's email scandals, she was leading in the national poll update until she ran out of luck which saw Donald J. Trump taking the lead recently, Hillary could be in for a tight race as this election has been dubbed "The worst" election ever in the history of America.

My intention for revisiting US election happenings isn't politically motivated rather caution the masses to be sincere in whatsoever they do in life because one day your past actions must locate you like in the case of Hilary Clinton's email scandals.

As we wait for Nov 8, 2016, Biafrans and Americans have something in common at the moment, that's ‘suspense’.
Biafrans may bag double success on this, If Trump wins and Kanu is free on this day, it will be remembered as the best day for Biafrans

Edited by Ada Biafra
Published by U.C Collins
For IPOB writers


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