Muhammadu Buhari

President Buhari has lamented over the complexities of Niger Delta crisis saying that it is proving too difficult to resolve.

The President made the statement while hosting the Foreign Minister of Federal Republic of Germany, would Frank-Walters Steinmeier, at the State House, Abuja.

He told Dr. Steinmeier that the security challenge posed by Boko Haram dangerous and that the group was already defeated.

The President noted that another serious form of insecurity is breeding in the Niger Delta, adding that the objective was to colonize the country economically by sabotaging oil and gas installations.

He said: “Nigeria’s oil is stolen, and taken away through the Gulf of Guinea.

“Adequate training and equipping of our navy will prevent this.

“We are trying to speak with the leaders in Niger Delta too.

“We are yet to know how many groups there are, and we are also working with the oil companies.

“The militants engage in sophisticated sabotage, using skills they had gained from training either by the government or the oil companies.

“They vandalize installations deep in the sea.

“We need to understand who the real agitators are, and engage them so that confidence can be restored in the region,” the President said.

Buhari said the Niger Delta situation was more complex since the militants had no central command.

The president said Germany could help curb oil theft in Nigeria through assistance in the areas of equipment, training, and sharing of intelligence with the Nigeria Navy.

Steinmeier, in his response, said Germany “Germany will support development in Nigeria.

“We want closer cooperation on migration issues, urbanization, and supporting the Navy with equipment, training and intelligence,” the Foreign Minister said.

It is yet uncertain if the visit was related to the accusation the Federal Government levelled against Shell of stealing crude oil from Nigeria and selling it in the USA without crediting FG’s account.

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