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Hillary Clinton likes to claim that she represents the average everyday workers and the middle class. This was just an attempt to swoon Bernie Sanders’ supporters after she cheated to beat him in the primary.
Hillary Clinton only thinks of herself and is deeply embedded in the mega banks and Wall Street, shown by the millions of dollars she raised in her Super PACS from Wall Street and the hundreds of thousands of dollars she was paid for speeches.
Now WikiLeaks has just exposed the truth of how Hillary Clinton will really operate if she were to get elected.
Remember all of those times in every single debate that Hillary claimed that she would give tax cuts to the middle class?
Wrong. She never had any intention of doing so.
It’s not the “right time” for a middle class tax cut because it wouldn’t benefit Hillary Clinton personally.
“I don’t think this is the right time for a middle class tax cut. I think liberals will see it a craven 90s centrism driven out of fear and liberals seem to be driving the narrative these days.”
The only time that Hillary Clinton will do something that will benefit other people is when it benefits her as well.
Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt and two-faced politician in United States history. She doesn’t care about the average workers or the middle class like she claims over and over again. She only cares about herself and that is why she should not hold the office of President and represent the entire country.
The president speaks for all of the people and does things to help the country, not destroy them like Hillary will do.
Thank you Julian Assange and WikiLeaks for helping reveal the truth in Hillary Clinton’s lies.
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