The recent newspaper reports credited to the two most corrupt Imolites, Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu a politician and businessman, and Rochas Okorocha, the sitting governor of the APC-led clueless administration in a meeting with the National Executive Council of Journalists in Imo state, that what the "Igbos want the presidency and not Biafra," has attracted widespread condemnation within Biafra land and beyond .

It is said that "the proof of the pudding is in the eating."  Biafrans are very knowledgeable and not surprised that such baseless statements could come out of their mouth; after all, these set of vultures in Biafraland have sold their birthright long ago to the Hausa-Fulani caliphate for political aggrandisement. They negatively promote Biafra as an Igbo project to solidify the usual divide and rule antic, but woe unto them, because Nnamdi Kanu has enlightened Biafrans well enough to fall victim again.

That they are a bunch of liars, deceivers and saboteurs are not inconspicuous, as Rochas, in particular, has continued to prove Nnamdi Kanu's assertions about his identity right. Severally on Radio Biafra, Kanu did an exposé on Rochas Okorocha, exposing him as a man with Hausa-Fulani blood running through his veins, but a lot of people found it difficult to believe until he started manifesting his fraternal love towards his blood relatives (Hausa-Fulanis) by doling out billions of Naira for the Internally displaced persons (IDP) in the North.

He promised to build schools and offer scholarships to IDPs in Adamawa, while his state is still facing precarious economic situation; with civil servants begging to be paid their wages that have accrued over the years, Rochas aggravated their pain by ending his fraud, the "free education" scheme.

The unfounded statement by these saboteurs in Biafraland should be ignored and treated as words of wise fools, they only speak for themselves and their pocket, not Biafrans who have vowed that it is either Biafra or death. For close to a decade now, Rochas Okorocha has bewitched Imo state with his honeycombed tongue.

Firstly, he came with the free education scheme with which he deceived gullible Imolites into voting him, and when it clicked for him, he used the same method to run for a second term; only for him to deceitfully reverse the scheme by mandating all students to pay their school fees in arrears. Islamisation of Imolites became his next agenda, this he engineered by taking them to the Muslim National Mosque in Abuja and converting them to Islam before empowering them with monetary gifts running into millions.

If truly he is an Igbo man, why would he engage in Islamizing boys from his state and region?  What exactly does he stand to benefit from doing that? And why must a sitting governor be so fanatical to convert other people's children to Islam when his children, family, and even himself claim to practice Christianity? Why did he give more than eighteen boys he converted into Islam in Abuja, two million nairas each?

These are mind boggling questions Rochas Okorocha needs to answer. We Biafrans know from the onset that Rochas Okorocha is a highly paid anti-Biafra agent, planted as a subterfuge in the south-east to scuttle the Biafra restoration project. All his activities are geared towards transforming  Imo state into an Islamic citadel. He has built mosques everywhere in the state, including within the state government's house. Is there any Northern state with any church erected within their government quarters? But Rochas benevolently built a mosque; what more is there to say?

Do we need a soothsayer to tell us the reason behind Okorocha's recent statement where he alluded that although he was born to Igbo parents, but was born and bred in the north, schooled in the north and married in the north?  IPOB can categorically confirm that the biological father of Rochas is from Jos and not Imo state. We wish to tell the world that an Hausa-Fulani man has been living in Douglas house all this while, and evidence abounds.

Rochas has never ceased to exhibit his criminal tendencies; this was made manifest when recently, doctors in Owerri indicted him of peddling human organs. We also know that Rochas belong to the Ogboni fraternity, and we need not look farther before deciphering what those human organs were used for.

Okorocha while confirming his identity as a core Hausa-Fulani man was further quoted as boasting that he would do everything to keep Nigeria one. No doubt we clearly understood his language, like Buhari, that was the voice and spirit of an Hausa-Fulani man speaking.
We are well abreast of his level of preparedness in sustaining "One Nigeria", he has positioned his Hausa-Fulani brothers in strategic positions in the state, including the army so as to quell any uprising; but IPOB has got news for him, we will also do everything to ensure that Biafra is restored.

We are also aware that Rochas has built underground warehouses in Imo state where he stockpiled sophisticated weapons with which he will fight Biafra.

Talk is cheap and as the saying goes, you can only force a horse to the stream, but cannot force it to drink water; Same applies to Rochas, you can only try to deceive us into believing in One Nigeria and making unnecessary boasts, but cannot force us to answer to an accursed name given by the British.

Iwuanyanwu, we are also aware that his hands are not clean! He had in the past shortly after the devastating war, swindled funds meant for states and regional development into his private bank account. It is not, therefore, surprising that the two have collaborated to declare themselves potential Igbo presidential candidates.

They are the major saboteurs living in Biafra land with an insatiable desire for Igbo presidency. Rather than a free Biafra as ordained from heaven by the Creator, ChukwuOkike Abiama, the Hausa-Fulani slaves are determined to die in Nigeria and we will oblige them if push comes to shoves.

Biafra, as they are now aware, is no longer an issue to be discussed among the gathering of vultures, but one discussed that is currently being discussed among people of high intellect globally. Nigeria represents death, and while Biafra is our life and as such, we can never trade it for anything in this world. Time shall come when every Hausa-Fulani masquerading as Igbo man will locate his root.

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