Donald Trump

If You are a Nigerian citizen and you believed that a certain man named Muhammadu Buhari could make N1=1$, then you are dreaming.

You believed he (Buhari) could stabilise the oil market --a feat even OPEC cannot achieve so easily.

You believed he would pay the sum of N5000 to every unemployed graduate, provide free food to every hungry family and feed all school children in Nigeria.

When Buhari's team told you that he (Buhari) loved the Igbos better than he loves his cows and even cited a fictitious Igbo son-in-law from Anambra state, you swallowed the story hook, line and sinker.

You did not just believe the above stories about Buhari, you went to town and spread the news with the religious dedication and seriousness with which a Jehovah Witness member shares the gospel of Christ. You didn't just stop there; you threatened those who expressed reservations about the stories and tagged them enemies of the Nigerian state who should be treated as such.

Note: there was no basis for any right thinking person to have believed the above stories. Even you that believed them had no tangible reason to have done that, but you did all the same. And, you vigorously campaigned for the Buhari candidacy on the strength of those impossible promises like making your N1=$1 so that you will be rubbing shoulders with Uncle Jimmy when next he comes from America with that their dollars.

When we experienced a little improvement in power supply few weeks after Buhari took over power from Jonathan, you with all your education came out publicly and announced to the whole world that the improved power supply was as a result of Buhari's body language. You didn't stop there; you announced on the mountain top that Buhari's body language had repaired our refineries and even built new ones within few weeks. You are a graduate, and you know the complex methods involved in building a refinery, but you believed that Buhari's body language could build refineries and generate electricity.

Today, you are jumping from thread to thread mocking the pro-Biafran group and describing them as gullible for believing that the Trump presidency could help them actualize Biafra?

Now, I know what the wise man Albert Einstein meant when he said he was more certain of human stupidity than he was about the existence of the universe.

So that you know mentioning you and the pro-Biafra groups in the same sentence with a view to ascertaining who is more gullible is a grave insult to the latter (the pro-Biafran group).  We have only one gullible person here, and that is you!

Unlike your moronic belief in an individual making N1=$1, the position of the pro-Biafran group with regards to Trump presidency and Biafra is not entirely baseless. Matter of fact, it is a possibility depending on so many factors. Although, I admit that some of the Biafra agitators may not even know the context in which a Trump presidency could help their cause.

Incase you don't know, a man as powerful as a U.S. president can do just about anything in today's world.  And IF  (emphasis on "IF") Donald Trump deem the Biafran agitation credible and wants to get involved, there are a million and one thing he could do to help speed up things for the Biafran agitation especially in the diplomatic fronts.

I repeat.... especially in the diplomatic front....And only if the Biafran agitators know how to play the diplomatic card because Trump will not likely just decide to leave U.S. issues and get involved in Biafra matter without the Biafran agitators placing the right buttons. Even in the homefront here, the U.S. holds a very powerful leverage over the Nigerian state. Should Donald Trump threaten to cease all financial and military aid to Nigeria until the Buhari govt stops killing, maiming and arresting pro-Biafran guys, Nigeria govt will comply within 24hours.

Note: I am only saying the Trump presidency CAN help the Biafran cause in many ways if he deems the agitation credible enough. Whether or not he WILL is a different story altogether as we can only wait and see.

So the joke is actually on you when you go mocking the Biafran agitators for believing the Trump presidency can help their cause. It gets even worse if you are one of those who believed in  the N1=$1 rhetoric

We cannot pretend not to know that the Obama-led govt was instrumental to the ascension of Buhari to the presidential throne and have continued to aid and abet every hate-induced killing carried out by the govt including the ongoing clampdown on the Biafran group. A few weeks ago, Obama's Secretary of state John Kerry came to Nigeria and flew straight to Sokoto where he had a meeting with the leader of Nigerian Muslims, the Sultan of Sokoto and Northern governors and later flew back to his country without remembering that there are southerners and Christians in Nigeria.

The U.S. govt didn't stop there. The Obama govt immediately went ahead to invite only the northern governors to the White House. This very divisive and highly provocative action by the White House implies a lot. A  betting man would bet that even if Trump presidency does nothing else, it will not toe this same divisive line in dealing with a multi-religious, multicultural and multi-ethnic country like Nigeria. And as it happens, I am a betting man.

So when you decide to play the ostrich by pretending not to know why the PDP, southerners, Christians and the Biafran agitators are rejoicing at the emergence of the New York real estate tycoon, Donald Trump as the new U.S. president as against his opponent, lady Hillary Clinton, perceived to be an extension of the Obama presidency, or you pretend not to know that the APC/Buhari govt and the Northern Oligarchs are currently mourning the defeat of their powerful ally, the Democratic party in the race to the White House, the joke is on you!!


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