Mark and Buhari smiling after a bribing deal


November 02, 2016.

By Ogu Edozie Williams

For The Record! Mark Zuckerberg Has Been Compromised By President Buhari

Any compromised individual, company or organization is not worth doing business with because they can renege on agreements at any point, in the short or long run.

The Nigerian government and some of the leaders in Nigeria are good in compromising systems, agencies, organizations and individuals if given a chance.

William Jefferson, an ex-congressman of the United States of America was one of their victims and is serving his jail term in USA simply because some leaders in Nigeria allegedly convinced him of how much money he would have using his influence as a USA leader to promote Halliburton  (scandal); of course he outsmarted them but was caught in the web.

Now Mark Zuckerberg has followed the footsteps of Jefferson As he (Zuckerberg) has been found romancing with the Nigerian government which has resulted in him advancing towards an ugly trajectory.

Recall that few weeks after Mark Zuckerberg visited Nigeria, the largest facebook group, Radio Biafra London, and other facebook accounts belonging to some principal officers of the Indigenous People of Biafra  (IPOB) were shut down - courtesy of Buhari's handshakes with Mark Zuckerberg.

One of the dangers of this alleged bribe is that it acts like a virus....meaning that once infected or acquired, it develops and spreads: like a human virus it develops and eventually kills; but like a system virus, it spreads and damages.

If Mark Zuckerberg does not retrace his steps and restore the blocked Radio Biafra London Facebook group and all other principal officers accounts of IPOB, both catastrophes mentioned above may befall him.

If Mark Zuckerberg is not cautioned, individuals, organizations and nations will soon use him as a political tool to frustrate or stop their opponents. And that would bring damage to the reputations of his co-founders and eventually land them into paying compensations to individuals and organisations for breach of terms and conditions because he would be a frequent guest in the courts of justice.

His co-founders should beware because Mark Zuckerberg's virus may act like a human virus that weakens the body system and by implication weaken Facebook's popularity and usage hence prompting other similar platforms to thrive.

Since this scandal is on record, Mark Zuckerberg's co-founders should know that this scandal may surface in their future dealings and quests.

Therefore, let the good people of the world, especially USA, stand against this virus before it spreads and gets to them.

Published by Uchechi Collins
Reporting For IPOB writers


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