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Chief Edwin Clark

November 08, 2016.
By Chukwuka Adam

A few days ago the elders of the so-called Niger Delta people had a meeting with the President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari and presented some demands to the President as a viable solution to the Bombing of oil installations by the Niger Delta militants. According to the report, both the Governor of Delta State, Ifeanyi Okowa and the Dr Edwin Clark were confident that the President was impressed with the outcome of the meeting.

That sounds good indeed, but the question is, how appropriate is that meeting in itself, how adequate are the demands made by the elders from the Niger Delta. I am of the opinion that the best demands would be (1) The Government should bring back Isaac Adaka Boro and Ken Saro-Wiwa who were used dumped and destroyed by the Government.

These are our brothers who were deceived by the Fulani ruling class to work for them against our Father land Biafra (2) The second thing I thought they should have presented is the explanation for the destruction of Udi in Bayelsa State. (3) The next point would have been the best way to divide the country without further destruction of lives and property.

But it is quite disappointing that the people failed to make the right demands, to them they need the Government to allocate oil Wells to them to enrich themselves while the people continue to suffer in poverty and misery. The fact is, anybody in Biafraland asking for anything less than the freedom of Biafra is an enemy of Biafra

We should be able to understand when God is acting and when men are at work. It is quite obvious that so many things, ominous have been happening to Nigeria as a country and not until people open their eyes and see there won't be peace in Nigeria.

How can one explain the reason Buhari should order the inversion of Tebujor Community of Gbaramatu Kingdom in Delta State in Biafra land just a few days after the President visited them. The reason is very simple as long as the elders of Niger Delta have refused to embrace the truth, as long as they continue to hope in one Nigeria they will always be disappointed.

BUHARI now has a target to separate the Niger Delta from Biafra, and that was the main reason he went to the area, those elders should try and get wiser this time, or the consequences will be too heavy to carry.

Let The Niger Delta elders tell Buhari to release Nnamdi Kanu and let Biafra go, for peace to reign. THE WORST MISTAKE THEY WILL MAKE IS TO TRUST BUHARI IN WHATEVER AGREEMENT THEY HAVE WITH HIM. Being fooled the first time is understandable but being fooled a second time is a stupidity.

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