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Muhamadu Buhari and Igbo Elders

November 21, 2016
By Chinedu Solomon

A report has emerged that Muhammadu Buhari is making every effort to have a romance with SS/SE geopolitical zones in a bid to scuttle the Biafra restoration process that is currently swooping across the globe in a manner in which political scientists have described as the greatest peaceful revolution of the centuries.

Buhari is now quoted to have instructed all federal agencies handling Federal roads and other infrastructures in the East to return to back to site. He made the move in a tricky way of wooing Biafrans whom he has murdered without regard to humanity and God to his side.

Numerous issues might have played out to trigger an emergency call for South-South and South-East infrastructure negligence awareness.

To Buhari; a Man who believes in suppression of opposition voices, tribalism, bigotry, quota system, Islamic fundamentalism, terrorism, murder of peaceful protesters, human rights abuses and pedophilia to wake up and start acting like a concerned leader calls for a state of emergency for all Biafrans to buckle up because something is about to happen.

For decades, South West have been an ally of the Northerners. The region has served North in a Master-and-slave relationship. Not minding the well-rendered services, North has seen Yorubas as untrustworthy people and skimmed them out of national appointments.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu; the APC supposed national leader has been disgraced out of control of the party, and no member of APC from Northern extraction referred him to be party's national leader again.

Having noticed that Tinubu is strategising to pull out South West from APC, Buhari has started making moves to colonise and replace South West with SE/SS in a slave decorum which South West have served ever since the inception of the fraudulent entity called Nigeria. Orji Uzo Kalu was the first target, and it went successfully without many hinges because the Man has many cockroaches in his cupboard.

Loosing US ally in the just concluded election has also helped tremendously in the process of resetting Buhari to default. The Obama’s administration that he trusted to be an energizer of his bad policies have been defeated by Men of honour and nationalists who believe in making their country great again. For the fact that Donald J. Trump will not support his Islamic ideas also contributed to the emergency remembrance of forgotten people of East (SS/SE).

Among the reasons for this sudden romance to South East is IPOB. IPOB struggle seems to be bigger than what Buhari envisaged. Biafrans with unquenchable taste for the Republic of Biafra isn't helping Buhari to actualize his Islamization agenda, the only dream which kept him contesting for decades without surrender.

Do we still need evidence to prove the insincerity of ‘One Nigeria’? Unity of Nigeria is a scam carried out in 1914 by Scottish mercenary in the person of Lord Frederick Lugard and his Mistress, Flora Shaw. The unity is currently shattering from East to West and North to South.

The sudden addition of Igbo language to BBC Africa services also calls for suspicion. Biafrans are targeted in all angles of the equator at the moment, both mainstream media propagandists are launching deceitful info of the millennium. BBC is leading the campaign, followed by the CNN.

The precarious situation Biafrans found themselves in an unworkable union of strange people can only be corrected with great intensification of information awareness. Is our obligation to scrutinize every information emanating from these gutter media outlets including their foreign counterparts which I described as mainstream media.

This is a time when our collective allegiance to Biafra Republic is being put to test by our oppressors.

Shall we end up with infrastructure peanut or be free as a free people to determine the inclination of our future?

Buhari has come to promise us heaven on earth just like a Man promising unrealistic items to a lady to have advantage of her.

Shall we succumb to this move by our murderer who will utilize any available opportunity to obliterate us from mother earth?

Are we going to give in to fake infrastructure that will enslave us and future generations?

Every born Biafran, search nook and crannies of your household, put on your armour for battle is getting tougher and steady presence of inducements of so-called Igbo leaders is going on left, right, back and forth. Our formidable unpredictability is a great tool for this Biafra project.

Our so-called Senators and Igbo leaders have been briefed about this infrastructure brouhaha. That's why they are planning to go to Kuje prison and meet with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to advise him to jettison Biafra struggle. God have mercy on them because I know if they can afford to spend 30 minutes with our great leader, Kanu, either they come back repented real Men or risk frustration and disappointment.

Femi Kayode’s 3hrs discussion testimony with Kanu should be a template for a case study if they decide to embark on the journey.

Even a child cannot be deceived with the way everything is happening in a spontaneous manner at the moment. I believe my fellow Biafrans are more determined and alerted to ponder the reason why Buhari is strategizing in new formations. It's to put a malicious code to our smooth Biafra restoration program.

Our freedom is fast approaching and is unwise idea to fall for a common road rehabilitation excise that will not last considering how 90% of the fund would be looted and embezzled which will leave the contractor with no option than to carry out poor job.

Anything apart from total freedom is a poison to Biafrans and should be avoided by all means.

Our oppressors have come with Shylock’s grants, and in no distance time, they will start to demand a pound of flesh from us.

Do not be deceived and misinformed because there might not be a Portia to save us from their nets for we are in Africa and not Venice.

Edited by Uchechi Collins
Reporting for IPOB writers


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