Nigerian  Military Men on the Street Harassing Newspaper Vendors

ABA, Abia State, Information is reaching our news desk has it that the Nigerian Boko-Haram military men in uniform, stormed a newspaper stand at Tonimas Junction, along Port-Harcourt express road, Aba Abia State Biafra Land, and abducted vendors selling Biafra news materials and others reading the newspaper.

At the moment, we don't have any idea about where these people have been taken to. We are alerting the world to know that Biafrans are in grave danger. We experience life threats from the Nigerian government every given hour of the day. The clamp down on Biafrans by the Nigerian security agencies has become regular as no day passes without one abduction or an attempt to abduct Biafrans.

At this time of reporting the news, we are solemnly sure that the Nigerian government has taken the victims to an unknown destination as no one could give an account of their whereabouts. We are not also aware of the number of people taken, but we guess they are up to ten people because every newspaper stand usually has not less than ten people occupying the place.

These people were neither fighting nor quarrelling; rather they were arrested simply because there are Biafra news items sold on the spot. This is called tyranny at the highest order. The world should acknowledge the hardship and recession in the contraption, and know what we are facing upon the regular abduction of innocent citizens. The world should also recognise our peaceful means of seeking freedom and the way we are being treated.

Are there still good omens and justice lovers in the world? If there is, this is the time to speak out. Our people has been killed and massacred on daily events, and it's becoming alarming. We have right to defend ourselves because we have right to live. While it's happening, CNN, BBC, etc. dies in looming silence. When we shall start, let no media house refer us as terrorists. The Nigerian military should release those arrested because they hadn't committed any crime.


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