02 October, 2016

Nigeria celebrates 56yrs of independence with grudges and moody faces,  harsh economic recession and excess poverty agitate Nigerians,

more of them are behaving indifferently to the cultures of the old, when you tell someone "Happy Independence" They give you a cold reply usually with a question, you get either this "What are you celebrating" Hunger or poverty or corruption or no light or no job or no money?

There's nothing to celebrate, the mood is no longer the same, the youths are suffering and no more smiling, nobody cares about the independence celebration anymore, Nigerians hate the country they live in, they hate that they are Nigerians and they hate their leaders.

The changer has become the changed, There's fire on the mountain

It ought to be happy independence Nigeria after 56 years but the country is in a sorry state presently, soon they will sell off government assets to themselves, these corrupt politicians will go to any length to keep their pockets full and the stomachs of the citizens empty, they care less about the people.

Nigerians are witnessing the real change of things they bargained for, they are gradually sliding away to everlasting hunger and poverty, in the North, it is not just hunger, there is also an outbreak. This is really not what they bargained for, Could this really be the change?

Nigerians were very hopeful in 1960 for a better Nigeria, they connived with the evil British mercenaries to kill and wipe us (Biafrans) away in 1970 during and after the war, we have being marginalised and our resources were stolen. they abandoned everything and embraced oil.

56 years later they are doubting their hopes now because of CHANGE that brought real separation, they are beginning to ask questions, but questions alone can not change the change, i see a revolution at sight and it will not take long before they pour out to the street and demand the real change.

They are absolutely losing hope, becoming more hopeless and no remedy what so ever, niara will keep falling while prices of things will keep going up, jobs will continue to disappear while unemployment will skyrocket, hunger and poverty will fill the land while crime will be the order of the day, this is the real change, Nigerians brace up and be prepared for what is to come.

As for us Biafrans, we are going home, we are leaving this evil contraption, we are not born to suffer, we are a rare breed, we are hardworking people, blessed children and we are going back home.

we cannot be tied down by our evil politicians neither can we be held down by Buhari. therefore, we can never be part of this change.

Biafra the land of the rising sun, the land that flows with milk and honey

The land of hope and the sunshine of grace, the land of peace and prosperity.



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