Iranian foreign ministry has condemned in strong terms the attack on Shiite Muslims in Nigeria on Wednesday, October 12, Tansim news agency reports. The spokesperson for the Iranian foreign ministry Bahram Qassemi said the Nigerian government has the responsibility to ensure adequate security for its citizens.
Qassemi also called for effort by the federal government of Nigeria to end the “cruel and violent acts by extremist and Wahhabi-affiliated forces that are, unfortunately, either supported or ignored by the Nigerian police.” He called for the arrest of all the perpetrators of the killings that happened in various cities across Nigeria including – Kaduna, Kano among others.
He stressed that all Shiite mourners security must be ensured and respected according to Nigeria’s constitution. Since yesterday when the first crisis started in Kaduna, at least 13 people have been reported killed following residents attack on some Shiite members. The attack took place during the annual Ashura procession usually observed by the Shiite members all over the world.
The event which marks the anniversary of martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS), the third Shiite Imam is symbolized with various activities like the shedding of blood by members of the Islamic group. Meanwhile, the Kaduna state government had last week banned the Shiite group, its members and activities. The governor of the state also declared the group unlawful and ordered the arrest and seven years jail term for offenders.


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