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Citizen Benjamin Madubugwu and David Nwawuisi,have filed a case against the Nigeria Government,Department Of State Security and Attorney General, for violation of their human rights.

The matter will be heard on Tuesday being the 1st of November 2016 in Court 2 at Federal High Court Abuja and will be presided by Justice Adefarati.

The human right of,Citizen Benjamin Madubugwu and his Co-accused David Nwawuisi who was illegally detained on the charges of Treasonable Felony and belonging to an unlawful Society,by the Nigeria DSS and transferred to Kuje Prison in Abuja alongside with the Leader of Ipob Citizen Nnamdi Kanu,have being totally trampled on with impunity,which called for the filing of their human right violation case.

Benjamin Madubugwu who was arrested and falsely accused of being in possession of dane gun, had his House raided by the Nigeria DSS and his Cars and other personal properties stolen, while still in DSS custody.

This theft act by the Nigerian State Security was brought to the hearing of the previous presiding Judge Justice John Tsoho by the defending counsel San Chuks Muoma and it was agreed by the prosecuting Counsel L.I Labaran,to return the personal carted away properties of the second defendant Citizen Benjamin Madubugwu, but have not being returned  upon till when the case was filed.

David Nwawuisi a young Engineer,was falsely accused of installing Radio Biafra transmitters, on MTN Mast and charged for Treasonable felony,which is quite amusing and a slap to the rule of Law.

The Nigeria Government have shown,ignorance in the accusations and charges,that every reasonable individual would understand the increased level of illiteracy which has engulfed the mindset of even those presumed to be educated.

It is quite unfortunate that Men who are exercising their right to Self-Determination,are  charged for treasonable felony and detained in the Prison against their human right.

The World should understand that, Justice in Nigeria has being raped,by the President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari,who is in charge of the judiciary and use the Court of jurisprudence, to fight against those considered to be his personal enemies. He decides who to grant justice to and who not to. Any Judge who grants bail to his presumed enemies, will be humiliated by his personal fighting tool the DSS and EFCC.

Human right organisations and World Leaders, should rise against this barbaric act and human right violations of the Indigenous People Of Biafra. IPOB have no record of violence against the Nigeria Government. But there are authentic evidences of being maimed, clamdown and massacred in large numbers amid provocation, by the Nigeria Government which the World is aware of. The Silence of Good men is more disastrous than,the act of evil men,hence this violation should be put to a stop,by the International community


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