Amuay incendio gas station

The people of Azaka, Iguiye and neighbouring communities around the Ovia River in Edo state were thrown into confusion on Friday night as loud explosion rocked a facility of the Nigeria Gas Company (NGC) in the area.

The report has it that militants are behind the attack, it was confirmed that a valve station located around a power line was damaged by the explosion.

Although what caused the explosion was not clear at the time of this report on Saturday morning, some locals told our reporter that they suspect that it was bombed by militants. “We saw pieces of gas cylinder and other things that might have been used to blow up the station,” one local said.

Mr Anthony Odoyibo, a well-known farmer in the area, confirmed the report and appealed to Nigerians to give peace a chance. “We heard a very loud explosion around 10:30 pm Everybody was very afraid.

Some people who went there confirmed that it was the pipeline that was blown up,” Odoyibo added. However, no militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack at the time of this report.



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