President Buhari orders extra judicial killing of Biafrans to be disposed of in unmarked graves.

An ethical journalist has the right to protect the confidentiality of their sources, yet has a democratic duty to the people to warn of any pending abuse to human rights. Having said this a reliable source close to the President of Nigeria himself has leaked information to media houses of the Federal Governments plans to direct certain security agencies within Nigeria to kidnap, kill and dispose of in undisclosed, unmarked graves Biafrans.

Part payment has been made to arms dealers in Pakistan for weapons to carry out this planned mass genocide upon Biafrans.

Recently the USA invited a selection of Northern Governors for peace talks in Washington, upon their return these governors have held meetings in Sokoto and Kano with Buhari himself to relay the outcome of the peace talks. The advise given to Buhari is that he should show a more balance rule in Nigeria by redistributing federal appointments that currently favour the north, Buhari has not yet agreed with the advise given, but rather has agreed only to think it over.

This journalist and indeed the source of this article advise that Biafrans holding prayer and family meetings should do so with stealth. International human rights laws seem not to apply in Nigeria, may God protect Biafrans.



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