published on Sunday, October 9, 2016. at 1:22am  by Uchechi Collins
IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu raising hands on appearing in Abuja high court

The hero appeared in the court train
Where the drum beat rolls on
Ready for the viewers to observe
The dancing steps of the judge
To vet the dancing style in the boiling stage
To know if to be crowned with honour
To know if to be remembered
For saving the stage
For clearing the tree
For hearing the voice
For dancing the loud drum beat
I am the stage
The great melody
That entertains the crowd
The loud drum beat that draws the crowd
I am the tree
That stands in the midst
Of the builders
Hunted day and night
I am the voice,
Creaking in the wind
Wailing for justice
For endless suffering
That has no end
How else to heal
How else to reconcile
The blood bath
The ill treatment melted on
The humiliation battled with
Now is the time,
for justice to prevail
Justice for truth
The truth to call
A spade a spade
A spade of corruption
To avail equal right and justice
To live and let live
Yes, for uprightness,
Law must be respected
Integrity must stand
Fairness must play
Now, my fate is up to the judge,
To be judged
To set things right
Wrong to right
Lies to truth
Injustice to justice
Darkness to light
Light of the rising sun
All hail Biafra !!!
Written by: Onyebuchi Eucharia.


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