Obj and Buhari closed door

Pretty thieves  visit each home
Like a nightfall
So dark to blind the eye.
Scattering everywhere
Causing havoc.

The thieves hand
Stealing the whole house to empty
With proudly mind
With smiling face

Now, the rumbling drum roll
Beaten every corner,
The hunger dance step,
Very hot and dread
The burning heat
Waking the sleeping children

Such a dance, in a lifetime,
So welcomed, so accepted
In a stage,
Where leaders are gods
Where press, print lies
Where lawyers, hate justice
Where Religion, preach money.

Pretty thieves! Pretty thieves!
The hour has come
To unveil the mask
To expose your evil deeds
To tell what you have done
And to destroy you forever!!!!!!!

Written by: Onyebuchi Eucharia.



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